[Done] tag sampled instruments that aren't used (yet)

Often when revisiting older projects, tracks with a lot of samples, I find myself right clicking the instrument list, selecting ‘delete unused instruments’ to see which instruments are already used and which aren’t. Then ctrl+z to bring the deleted samples back. Of course you can also listen, but having to play a song back, muting & un-muting tracks gets tedious quickly.

I like preventing too much repetition and keep things fresh, introducing new samples over time. Being able to see what has already been used and what not would help with this kind of administration :) . The deleting of unused instruments and undoing of this action works, but you sometimes have to remember a lot of unused instruments. It would be better if the sample name could get altered through a tool, maybe through adding some kind of symbol at the start of the instrument name.

Anyone willing and able to cook this up? :drummer:

I know about the ‘organize instruments by…’ tool, which lets you order the instrument list by ‘most used’, but this shuffles the complete instrument list order and I’d like to keep the order intact!

I can make a tool that puts [x] before each instrument, x being the number of times an instrument is used by a note? I have already made most of the code in the tool mentioned.

That would be very cool! B)


Try this tool. The menu entries are found in the instrument box context menu.

EDIT: I just reviewed my code and this is the first time a piece of code got me laughing.
It contains some awesome feats like “)” … " " instead of ") "

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Cool, thanks! Will try after diner B)

Works like a charm :slight_smile:

There is a potential bug if you use an instrument number that does not really exist in the instrument list. I will fix this when I get home, as well as speed optimizing. Big songs will take a while but could be faster.

Do you think it should only scan patterns that are in use, or patterns that are not in the order list as well?

Only patterns that are in use, if that speeds up the count, but that is because I don’t leave out patterns in the order list.

Was wondering, for another tool idea, would it be possible to fetch the sample length in time and put that in front of the sample name? Just like your tool now puts in the count, put in front the length in time?

Makes it more easy to differentiate between long and short samples by just looking at the instrument list, negates the need to check in sample editor.

The instrument list contains instruments and not samples. It is possible if you add the size for all samples, for example. Maybe someone else wants to do it? I think it is too ugly.

There are different ways to notate time, I think it could be handy, hope someone will pick it up :D


After considering your proposal, ideally, I want to extend the “Organize instruments” tool with a window showing a list with extended information of all instruments (total samples, total slices, seconds long (basenote), et c). This could include the possibility to append any information available to the instrument name.

It takes a while to do this, and I think it might be better to wait for the next version of Renoise to see if the lua API will bring anything new in terms of gui (lists, dragndrop et c).

Thanks for bringing ideas!

Wow, sounds great! It would probably be better to call the extended tool something like “Instrument manager” instead. Godspeed!

(And let’s hope the new release pops out of oven some time soon ;))

Sounds good!

Thanks for the scripting magick!

Ey Joule,

I got this message:

After pressing cancel in the standard pop-up window when a script is taking to long to respond. Was playing back a cpu heavy track while running the script and decided it wasn’t worth the wait after the audio started stuttering.

Oy, I use this script quite often, wonder if you can extend the counting to the sample list in ‘Instrument Settings’? (pretty please :yeah: ) Either automatically through the original script use, or optional through right mouse clicking / selecting the script in the Sample list in ‘Instrument Settings’.

Sure. I’ll just have to investigate how samples (and slices?) are handled. A sample can be triggered either by being mapped to a particular key, or via an override effect command, right?

It will be quite tedious keeping track of samples with velocity mapping. I predict the tool will be a bit slow, having to scan several columns in the song.

I’m not using pattern command SXX to trigger slices of multi-sampled instruments, just different notes. Maybe keep it to differentiating & counting note-events and not keep track of velocity mappings if it is too slow?

I’ll do it proper and generic if doing it at all :)

had a bug today: