Doofer control units (currently fixed to percentage)

I’ve a doofer wrapping a filter and an LFO to control it.

The doofer exposes the LFO’s amplitude and offset with no problem since they’re both expressed in percentages.

The LFO’s frequency is defined in LPC, but the exposed Doofer control presents it as a percentage.

Could the Doofer control’s units mirror the primary target’s unit?

And/or could the Doofer control’s units be used selectable?

[edit: reworded now that I’ve noticed that you can use text entry, and that my problem is with the units rather than the entry method.]

oops sorry nm


Indeed. I was going to suggest the same thing.

A scale of 0-100 (of what?) makes little sense. This affects both instrument macros and doofers.

One of the main ideas of these formats is that you can share them. This also means that you should be able to present your knobs in a sensible way.

EDIT: I already suggested it here: Macro - presented value