Doofer wet/dry

It would be handy to have a wet/dry slider on the doofer device.

It would make fiddling with send tracks obsolete to me in many cases.


Uhm… Yes. Plzkthx.

Yeah, this is something I could definitely get on board with.

+1, me too, want etc

I’m gonna bump this thread… because the more I mess with doofers, the more I realize that this simple feature would transport doofers from “pretty damned useful” to “verging on revolutionary” status.

+1 dry/wet slider. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been implemented years ago. It should be standard on every Renoise dsp and as a standalone dsp in its own right, IMO.

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This and Doofer internal parallel processing.

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I actually posted in this thread before I’d had the chance to try out the doofer (I’ve always wanted a dry/wet control). Now that I have tried R3, I’m even more convinced it needs a dry/wet control.

@taktik - just came across this - I, too, would love to have a dry/wet option for the Doofer device. It would be great to be able to adjust the amount of signal passing through it.

For example, today I wanted to put a Doofer I made that glitches the audio on the Master track. To affect the entire mix. No such luck to allow for just some of the signal to pass through. So, I tried to put a Send in the Master track. Nope. Got an error, and it said to contact y’all :smiley:

Would it be possible to do one or both of the two scenarios in the future (along with the rest of my insane requests (automated granular, automated timestretch, and FM stuff))? Please, please, pretty please?


I had a different idea on this functionality.

I had the idea, to make the doofers work like the instrument effects do. Like it could have different chains/lanes, that can internally send among each other. Instead of sending samples to each lane, you would send via tracks into the doofer. The lanes each would by standard output to the track the doofer is in, but could also be made to output to a different track, or maybe even the input of another doofer.

This way you could also get dry/wet with a simple send and a blank lane (maybe there could be made a shortcut for this functionality, like each lane could have a dry/wet control), but you would gain something much better, that is parallel processing inside of doofers. I currently use the instrument effects massively for parallel processing in sound design, so I know what benefits it could have to have all this power inside of doofers.

Also this would open up a big preset business - currently the single chain doofers are kind of limited, but with parallel processing and internal routing you could build up real complex effects, from complex filtered and modulated neuro multiband distortions to fully functional mastering presets inside a single doofer to place on master up to fully functional vocoders.


internal parallel processing á la the instrument fx (or ableton racks) is definitely the most powerful solution for this scenario. id love to see it.

+1. Disregard my first feature request :slight_smile:

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+1 for me, too.

One separate dry and wet sliders would be much better than a single wet/dry slider. I also think it’s appropriate to mention the ‘Receiver’ device which could basically solve all our problems. :grinning:

Well, given that wet and dry are inherently related, two sliders wouldn’t add anything (despite confusion) :slight_smile:

Of course it would add more control, you can separately change the volume wich would be impossible with a single wet/dry slider.