Doofer wet/dry

(joule) #1

It would be handy to have a wet/dry slider on the doofer device.

It would make fiddling with send tracks obsolete to me in many cases.

Dry/Wet On Doofer Device
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(BYTE-Smasher) #2

Uhm… Yes. Plzkthx.

(Daed) #3

Yeah, this is something I could definitely get on board with.

(ToyRobot) #4

+1, me too, want etc

(BYTE-Smasher) #5

I’m gonna bump this thread… because the more I mess with doofers, the more I realize that this simple feature would transport doofers from “pretty damned useful” to “verging on revolutionary” status.

(Sam) #6

+1 dry/wet slider. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been implemented years ago. It should be standard on every Renoise dsp and as a standalone dsp in its own right, IMO.

(spacecult) #7

This and Doofer internal parallel processing.

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(Sam) #11

I actually posted in this thread before I’d had the chance to try out the doofer (I’ve always wanted a dry/wet control). Now that I have tried R3, I’m even more convinced it needs a dry/wet control.