[Doofers] Tuned Devices Bundle

Here’s a bundle of key-tuned Renoise effect devices, all racked into Doofers for easier use:

Tuned Effects

Most of these were originally created by dBlue as device chains so BigUp the man! i just put them into doofers.

I created a couple new ones as well though:

Tuned ScreamFilter: although this is not the first thing come to think of key-tuning effects, i thought this might be useful here and there.

Tuned Delay: I was using the MultitapDelay for this one and crossfeeding the signal between the different taps is fun for creating proper feedback. I also like the filter more than the one on the other Delay-based effects.

Tuned EQ: This one has eight bands all tuned to the correct harmonics given any key that’s played. So the first band is the Fundamental note (1st Harmonic), second band is the first Overtone (2nd Harmonic), and so on… The last band holds the seventh Overtone (8th Harmonic) plus everything above to a certain degree. Just play around with it, watch the spectrum-graph and you’ll see. I think this can be useful in a mixing-session, especially on baselines, as the gain dips/pushes are consistent to every note that’s played.

Feed Forward: This one is kind of the bastard offspring of the Tuned Delay. I added tuning for the delay taps’ filters and set resonance fairly high to get a steady feedback (tamed by an envelope). Actually this is more of a synth than an effect but needs a trigger signal. The Output is a bit unstable concerning note-pitch at times but i actually like that - gives the whole thing a more organic feel.

o.k. that’s it for now. Have fun!

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Messed around with some of these today and they are very useful. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Hypnoid!

may the force be inside you