I have been recently listening to DrillNBass like Blaerg, etc…

But whenever I sit in front of the Renoise, My song sounds like sh*t. I cannot make a drillNbass song. I feel like trapped in this genre but if I cannot make a drillNbass tune, I will suicide for sure.

Please Help Me!..

Suggestions, example xrnsS or any kind of help appreciated so much.

Thank you…



I don’t even know what drillnbass is. seriously.

I think it’s like Breakcore.
But less usage of breaks and a bit more dance-able.

think Aphex Twin.

Do you want us to do the track for you as well? :P
Nah seriously, read this https://forum.renoise.com/t/tutorial-breakcore-mod-med-rns-it-xm/18985 and then practice a lot :drummer:

Thanx alot for everyone…

oh, okay, I get the picture.

And that “self made lobotomy” pic of yours is really a classic.

Hello Kaneel :P
I have actually been reading the board for a while, hunting for tips and tricks, learning how to use renoise…I only registered last week :P


The pic of yours is just enough of understanding the genre…

Thanx alot Kaneel…

(My brain is now drilling…) rrrrrrrrrrrrr…rrrrrrrrrr…rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


load several drum loops
bang your head against the keyboard while on the pattern editor screen to generate randomized pattern instructions.
go back and liberally sprinkle the effect column with lots of 09xx and 0Exx commands.
set spedd/bpm to 6/180.
should do.

Speed 6 does not exist, speed 3 ok, speed 6 no

*lights cigarette


My template song is something like 16/500 heh :P

the drill refers to the agressive sound of the sliced up breakbeats and put through distortion, i think.

Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig. Drill = retrig.

*blaerg uses alot of drums breks , and i think he usses audiomulch for live , and time ago !!Fruity loops !! Lol

This really is an obnoxious post :huh:

You forgot the blood

Drill and Bass is more related to Dubstep then breakcore…but… really… it’s JUST AWESOME! :ph34r: niNja_pWn3d :ph34r:

ahh bYte… lol… your amazing :P hahahaha! THAT’S EPIC! but you REALLY shoulda added blood that woulda been PRO![/center]

Too many genres already. Drill&Bass in particular is a fucking joke genre made up by someone wanting to be special in a sea of others just as “special”. That’s the worst thing about breakcore. It has absolutely no identity anymore. Everybody steals rather than invents, and there’s a new genre or branch every two weeks where some prick discovers how un fucking significant he or she is and decides the way to fix it is to throw in a gimmick and a new pun name.

That’s what people want then i take it? For someone to take a good thing, take it apart, reassemble it, pile on the audio damage and call it a Thing? And have people join that little troupe of Thing-followers because they want to be different and special? Isn’t it odd to have so many banner carriers followed by such small and pitifully inept armies?

Just make music already. Whatever feels right is right. I’d be much, much more impressed to hear something singular and personal in this ocean of copycat mediocrity.

Yeah. It’s basically the same non-sens what you’re telling here

And it’s very cynical and illogical what you are saying.
I hate arguing and I really don’t understand your desperate try to smear breakcore… Why? I don’t like some genres/styles too, but I can’t find a reason to start converting those who enjoy it (or what ever you were trying to do). You do it probably just because of some form of envy, even if you deny it.

You’ll remain your right to have your personal opinion, but I just wanted to say that I find no way to agree with your points…