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Hmm, indeed MMC seems to be a problem.
I have an old KeyRig25 midi-key which can send MMC signals too, and I made a little control-map for it.
When I use both Duplex’s midi port and native Renoise’s midi port, the MMC signals seem to be disabled.
When I close Duplex’s midi port, MMC signals work fine again.

Btw, though maybe Dr. Drips already know this thing, there is a workaround in MPK49.
According to the MPK49 manual, it seems that you can change the MMC signals which are assigned to the transport buttons. So if you change them to MIDI-CC signals and assign Duplex’s Transport application to them, they will work maybe.

Anyway, I hope that there is a true solution for this common MMC problem.

I saw this also in the manual but I planned to make it work right out of the box with any ‘generic’ preset on the mpk49 (should also work with mpk61 and mpk88)to make it easy for users.
this would mean rhat i must include a preset for it to work.
thank you satobox for your reply.

MMC really does things in it’s own way. See this topic:

Seems that the built-in transport is definitely the way to go!

?? :huh:
Sorry, maybe I don’t understand your reply well though,
Do you mean that this MMC problem cannot be solved?

I think it’s not only the MPK’s problem. There are many controllers which use MMC (sysex) messages.

@satobox: what I meant was, with MMC the actual behaviour is pretty limited. Native or Duplex transport control is a lot more flexible to work with.

Ahh, I agree with you about the functional thing.

However, it will be ideal if both can be used, since users must not edit their controller’s buttons manually as Dr. Drips said.

Currently, Renoise can handle MMC, so I think taht Duplex should just only bypass MMC sysex messages to Renoise (well, just a thought of an amateur though… :P ).

Ok so what do you guys suggest in this situation?

  1. Leave the transport out of the map, so it can be set with the masterkeyboard A,B settings. (works right out of the box)
  2. insert the transport in the map and supply a custom preset for the MPK49,61,88 to make it work

it’s my first little LUA thingy so it should be good for my ego if it turnes out working great :)

I personally think, go for 2 now.
It is better to have such presets regardless of supporting mmc or not. :)

Dear Duplex team,
im working on M-16DX Controller Files for Duplex thanks to Satobox starter thread first things are working.
M-16Dx is a digital Mixer from edirol
Now i have following questions :

1st Track selection.
Is it possible to select a track directly via button ? I saw that it is possible to switch trough them with 2 buttons, but I want to switch directly to e.g Track 3 with CC#14|Ch3 and to Track 4 with CC#14|Ch4 and so on.

2nd Effects:
The mixer has EQ Encoders: for Hi Mid and Low.
Is it possible to make duplex load the “DSP Mixer EQ”-plugin for all channels automatically and assign their parameters directly to a CC ?

3rd : Solo switches
I want to map switches as solo switches which does work perfect for one button pressed.But if i press two of them together the result should 2 Tracks unmuted and the rest muted istead of only one solo channel. Any ideas ?

I hope the questions are clear
thanks for reading and
thanks in advance for help
best regards Max

Actually, this is not directly supported, but it has been suggested a number of times. I think I’ll make a really simple application that does exactly this - TrackSelector or something like that.

The Effect application is mostly designed to control existing effects. Have you tried to add the Mixer EQs first, and then use the application to control them afterwards?
As for assigning specific parameters to a specific control, this is something which is planned. Eventually, you’ll get a “effect dashboard” which contain all the favourite effects in that particular song (but we need to figure out how to save script data in songs first)

Haha, yes, actually that would make sense. Currently, any solo button which is pressed would turn off all other tracks by calling the internal solo() API method. This might change, as what you are describing sounds a bit more useful

1 Would be very nice if you implement such a thing!

2 I disagree a bit from my point of view for using existing Effects inside songs. If i wanted to use that i can use a song template with assigned CCs inside Renoise already.

Very handy (but hard to script) would be an Api-function called InsertFxOnDemand ;)
Where options for this app is :

(CC or whatever assignment)
Tracknumber= (if not specified by RowIndex)
DSP Name (Item from List of Renoise Standard DSPs)

Then the Encoders could mapped to
Application Effects.DSP
Param1 =
group = “Encoder”

And then a routine which checks wether Fx is already there or adds it into the DSP chain accordingly to Track or RowIndex

3 Looking forward to it !

Thanks for the answers i’m looking forward the next changes ;)

Ah, I also think this is very useful.

For example, in the current layout for the APC40, I am worried whether the Device Selector part is really comfortable or not. Though now the device selector is set to 16 buttons there temporary, if there is the TrackSelector app, it’s better to set the direct track-selector to 8 buttons & the device-selector to 8 buttons, I think.
Also, I want to request to add the Effect device page navigator (2 buttons for controlling visible device page) to the Effect app.

Well, already there are many requests about Duplex though ;) , since it’s a very unique approach for supporting external controller, I hope it will grow step by step. I think it will be one of the most strong point of Renoise. :)

Not least because you now joined the documentation efforts. I just discovered your “getting started” topic on writing a control-map.
Great stuff, this was something that was sorely lacking. Most of the info is probably a bit technical, so it’s nice to see a more friendly version :slight_smile:

About the TrackSelector app: having direct access to specific tracks and a next/previous style control should cover everything?

For me it is those 2 and half functions to cover everything:

1 previous / next
(1.5 previous / next with offset ?)

2 direct track selection

What do you think ?

Yeah I think so too.

Also please add the “Track Increment” option, like Matrix and Mixer apps.
Because Mixer, Matrix, and TrackSelector apps in the APC series should be set to do the same (page changing) behavior.

Sorry if this already was discussed — I use Launchpad and when I close Renoise, the pads stay shining. I have to disconnect Launchpad to turn them off. Is there a way to solve it?
Apart from this I can’t describe how much I love this magic combination — Renoise + Duplex + Launchpad. Pure win! :yeah:

Hey I’m running the akward stage Akai MPD 26. Can anything be done with duplex? I’m not familiar with the tool to begin with and I tried just running it as MPD 32 but it doesn’t (seam) to recognise it.

Also, from what I could tell Duplex can’t mass trigger different patterns in the matrix. If that’s the way it is I’m not sure this is of any use to me… but I wanted to try getting some more capabilities out of my mapping so I thought I’d try and figure this out. I was really hoping I’d be able to trigger a horizontaly progressing triggering of pattern matrix blocks (say, a beat) while also being able to control the patterns horizontally.

No idea if this is even possible but I thought I’d ask. I know I could achieve a similar effect by running two instances of Renoise but I’ve noticed some glitchy stuff happening there when I do that. This is how I make my tracks rather than by tracking it out so I can’t really stand to tolerate that.

Cheers for any help or comments guys.



Though I’m not sure what kind of layout you want exactly, I think it’s impossible to move matrix horizontally at this point.

But making the mapping for MPD26 itself is not so difficult. :)
I made the test map for MPD26 by editing the driver’s MPD24 files.
But since I don’t have MPD26 actually, please try to test it yourself.
Although I referred to MPD26 editor, assignment of some parameters may be wrong.

Download and unzip this file, and put the “MPD26” folder to;
C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\Renoise\V2.6.1\Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex\Controllers

Also please refer this post too :[How To Start Editing Duplex Files]

I bought MPD26 and made config file for it.
Please see this post

Hey, danoise.
Let me say one more request please… :rolleyes:

If you make such the TrackSelector app in the future update, could you add simple Seq-Trigger function with it?

The reason why is:
I made MPD26 mapping, but still there are utilizable 2 PAD BANKs left. So I want to assign 16 seq-trigger to one of the PAD BANK.
I know that there is the “trigger” function in the Matrix app, but I cannot assign it to 16 Pads since I already assigned the “matrix” function to 1x4 Pads in the first BANK. (current “trigger” function is hard-coded with the matrix line number, isn’t it??)

1691 seq.png

Hi Satobox! Funny that, I was just looking at Duplex and this TrackSelector thing today.

Yeah, the Matrix doesn’t “wrap” it’s pattern triggers, like you show with the illustration. So you’ve only got access to four patterns. However, the matrix already have a pretty functional pattern-trigger, which is made especially for buttons (UIButtonStrip), so it’s just a question of making that control able to wrap 4x4 into 16 consecutive buttons. Actually, the approach could also be translated to matrix lines (wrap the mute/unmute buttons the same way as the triggers).

For simplicity’s sake it would probably be a good idea to extract the whole pattern-trigger part from the Matrix and make it a separate application, PatternSequence. I’m all for creating tiny, useful application that perform a specific task - and currently the Matrix is doing two things, which are only somewhat related (muting/unmuting slots and triggering patterns).