Duplicate Sample shortcut

there are kb shortcuts for duplicate track, instr, … not for sample. I would like that a lot. Maybe dupe mapping as well. Tried to create a tool for it, suddenly can’t make kb shortcut tools in windows no more:??? :expressionless: anyway. Dusdat.

Hi Cas…

Is (copy into new sample) Shift / Alt (Cmd Mac) / C not it. ?
I was just looking in the key commands and noticed that and then saw your Q so I tried it.
It creates a new copy of what you have selected / Highlighted in the Sample Editor.
then it creates a copy of that and adds it to the sample list in the instrument settings.

so if your sample is called (sample) it will create a new one called (#sample 01)

You’re right, if you have something selected (e.g. whole sample with Ctrl-A), you can copy into new sample with Ctrl-Shift-Alt-C.
What I meant in orig. post was more like a new shortcut to actually duplicate the whole sample, regardless of what you have selected, and then also copy the keyzones that go with it. Maybe an option in the context menu of the sample list would be enough, something like “copy with keyzones” and/or “paste without keyzones”
Anyway I made most things I was looking for in a tool by now, if you want to know about it, it’s here.

Also, the duplicate instrument shortcut for some reason does not work as expected for me. From the instrument box with Ctrl-Shift-Tab i use the default Ctrl-D yet it does not do anything but ‘flicker’ renoise interace a little bit (I can’t better explain it)

It’s an overlooked quirk of the list view itself, which has already been discussed in a previous thread:

Essentially, the lists have a few hard-coded shortcuts such as Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+D to select none, Shift+Up/Down to make multi-selections, etc.

In the meantime, if you simply reassign Duplicate to another shortcut that does not clash with the hard-coded ones, then it will work fine.

ahh I see, yes agreed. I’ll vote for that. :)

excellent you made a tool. eyesee goes and investigates.
Edit: this tool looks really! interesting Cas. your graphic doesn’t do it justice.
Try opening the tool when you have Renoises Acoustic Guitar loaded. That! does it justice.

imo this is potentially the seed for a highly capable sample instrument tool.
what would have been very useful is being able to see the sample blocks light up
when they received note data. then I’d know exactly which sample I could volume scale/pan etc.

I think there’s a lot more to say about this tool but you don’t have a discussion section for your tool
and I don’t want to dilute the focus of why you started this thread post. anyway, very useful too Cas.

Thanks eyesee! very rewarding to see such a comment to my InstrMix!
contrary to what you believe though, there is actually a thread for it, over here.
What’s even better, with renoise’s “Auto-Select Played” function that’s always top left above the sample editor and keyzones window, you can get that exact behaviour you were thinking about.