New Tool (2.8) / InstrMixer

Layer a lot? Adjust a lot?
Check InstruMix
It DOES work with non-overtune stuff like normal 4layer kicks etc. It gives you

  • overview of the samples in your instrument
  • keyboard control of transpose/loop etc
  • sample solo and mute

screenshotty (newest)

If it doesn’t look quite like this after you installed, please note that it depends a lot on the theme you use whether the currently selected instrument highlighting is very notable or not. To be exact it seems to depend on the ‘body shade’ variable in your theme, I’m looking for better solutions in the different panel bg options.

If you like this tool as much as I liked making it, I’d love it if you would consider making a donation so I can keep on making useful tools like this.

looks good ! :rolleyes:

what’s rolleyes mean?

Ever since this tool, I’ve wanted an instrument mixer. Def. going to check this out!

Well, it depends :rolleyes:

Thanks, let me know if you think it’s useful or got any tips.

Yes, yes!

This is awesome, thanks…

Couple of bugs though… It doesn’t update the faders when you change instrument, if you select an instrument with less samples and then use the keys it throws up an error.
It also doesn’t work when you adjust the volume using the mouse which kinda defeats the point of having a GUI.

I also couldn’t get the mute/solo to work but that might be because I’m using a laptop keyboard.

Nice tool though and potentially very useful to my workflow. Cheers

Yeah, some points are also my first already on the list… also I’m thinking of more than 10 volume steps, and I can’t really think of a proper way on keyboard to make ‘small’ ‘medium’ or ‘big’ steps possible and/or logical… yet.
So yes it’s not going to react on instrument switch, at this point in time… more like, you compose an instrument out of some layers, then tweak it with this here tool. Or when you’re looping a part of the song and you can check out different vol/pan/tune configs of different samples.
But you’re right, proper reaction to instr switch is one of the top of the list.
Working with mouse - if the binding to stuff works really well like it could then this should be a no-brainer to fix (I don’t agree tho that it would defeat the point of having a GUI… Or does Renoise not need a pattern editor if it just had a piano roll? :P)
As to Mute/Solo: make sure the window is active (click on it to be sure, window border color/glow changes) and then press either 1 (one) or A (Ay!!) - Please let me know if this really does not work as expected.
And hey man if you think it’s really useful you can always buy me a beer ;)

Hey afta8,
Tool page has now got the new version :)
few updates:

  • Instrument change support (also NumPad+ and -)
  • Sample duplicate (D, or shift+D to duplicate without keyzones)
  • Sample delete (X)

Unfortunately, mouse usage for now is too annoying/complicated to make, that is, I can’t code it in a few minutes. So maybe for next version when I have a day off.

I did manage to get a slider along with a valuebox working and updating each other once. Something about binding through a Document IIRC…

Exactly. I did not say it’s impossible, but as right now the sliders get built in a simple manner, constructively in a loop counting the samples from 1 to, I’m not sure is as easy to also make ObservableNumbers in the same loop. I already have a request posted about this (I mean come on, making an ObservableNumber document in the script just to bind the slider to the actual ‘Observable’, … too much for a week day, give me a break ;D)
Ehhm there might be something similar in Overtune dialog indeed… if that works it might be easier than I expected at first, thanks for the idea

Cas, thanks for updating, I opened an existing song, selected an instrument with 2 samples in it and opened the tool. I then got the following error:

‘/Users/Creative/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V2.8.0/Scripts/Tools/nl.jeweett.InstrMixer.xrnx/’ failed to execute in one of its key binding functions.

Please contact the author (Cas | for assistance…

std::logic_error: ‘ViewBuilder: invalid value for slider: ‘1.04’. value must be [0 - 1].’
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘slider’
main.lua:300: in function ‘make_sliders’
main.lua:324: in function ‘show_dialog’
main.lua:346: in function main.lua:342

Not had a chance to test the rest of it fully yet, but will do when I have more time…

Sure thing, I’d be happy to once it works properly :P

Hey, sorry about that, it was a known bug for some testing time, figured I left something out. Unlucky for you the wrong version uploaded to dropbox and tools page. Both are fixed now. Beware though, it’s still so that this tool does not support sample vol over 0dB… Has anybody got great ideas as to how to scale this value properly?

New version 1.03 on tools page has mouse support now, too. Hope it’s as stable as 1.0 was, please let me know if anything is not working like you expect (except for the >0dB samples, still pondering)
PS thanks for copying detailed error log! (Y)

Pretty sure it’s 0-4 with 0 = -inf, 1 = 0db, 2 = +6dB and 4 = +12dB

IE it’s a log scale with 0dB at 1.

Although I might be remembering wrong…

That’s exactly spot on righteously correct man. Only thing is, usually when I layer stuff, I just Ctrl-P about every sample and then most of the time use values below 0dB… I guess I’ll build a proper function so one can just type ‘-12’ and press enter (another tool has something like that)
Maybe numeric entry would be cool for the other 3 numerical values as well? (pan, txpose, finetune) Values typed but prepended by u, j, m. Guess that would be cool.
Anyway, to be clear, to find these values was not difficult, but I had the arrow keys scaled to 0.1 up/down for volume which worked nicely with my instruments… I’ll see if I leave it at that (small changes, better precision) or set it to 0.2, 0.4, or whatever.

Sorry I don’t know what Ctrl+P would be… (I’m guessing some paste function, although the basic is usually Ctrl+V, but Ctrl+P is Continuous Paste in Pattern Editor…)

Anyway going off topic now. Still not exactly sure what you want. Display and edit in dB and then convert into 0-4 range for the tool?

Vtool = 10 ^ (dB/20)

Where Vtool is the 0-4 volume value used in the tool and dB is the value as displayed in decibels.

Or for even-sized steps, rather than having each as 0.1, you could try and using 1/10th of current value or something similar for each button press change…

That’s an idea! But I think latest version it behaves quite cool and useful with the even steps.
Thanks anyway

Oh and Ctrl+P in sample editor is max out… like Power or sth is how I remember

Have you seen the dB functions here? Not sure if they help but maybe?

These converters are there for the convenience of converting fader/rotator values to dB values. be it these values are based on floats between 0 and 1, you can always multiple x10, x100 or x1000 to increase the factor.

Thanks for the heads up, I know of these functions but in this case they’d be handy especially for displaying the value in dB, and I’ll leave that to the renoise interface for now… So the setting in the sample.volume parameter is linear already, I just gotta get my own head around ehh, how logical a logarithm function is?
Thanks ;)
EDIT: Yes they will come in handy if I decide to build a number parser for exact volume… one day… :P