Equal Sample Slices

I’ve recorded an 8 bar synth loop into renoise, turned on sync button. Now, I wonder if I could somehow set up slice markers in my sample so that they will be in a certain, let’s say 1/8 bar distance from each other by not doing it manually? It would be difficult to place manually 64 markers one 1/8 bar apart from the other. I found a tool that’s called a sample slicer but it actually creates new smaller samples from the previous one. Automatic slice placement does not work here because the waveform doesn’t have clear peaks that renoise would see.

My point is that it would be cool to record a long loop, put it on a track using a tool(can’t remember the name of that tool) that places each marked segment in it’s original place in pattern editor, and than mess with it a little, make some stutters, repeats, etc.

So, in short, is it possible just to set all the warp markers in a fixed rhytmic way?




Get dirty with the QWERTY, or use a sequencer like NotesOnWheels

didn’t read yer post and posted a link to the sample slicer tool :D

If you enable snapping in the sample editor, then enable the slice marker tool, this will let you quickly ‘draw’ slice markers at positions that perfectly line up with beats and other similar quantised intervals. Not quite fully automatic, but definitely a lot faster.

Sounds like you might be referring to my Slices to Pattern tool?

Yup, that’s “slices to pattern” btw thanks for the tool it saves my ass sometimes. Well, now i use the 09xx command and it works pretty well, but i’d rather fill in pattern with separate notes instead of 09’s, because I can edit envelopes on each slice a little easier.

Well, you can’t have everything they say, now I grab my pocket calculator and fill the pattern with the 09xx, gotta get used to it. But hey, the method you mentioned (snapping) is also useful:)


How would having slices make any difference to envelopes when the envelopes are for the whole instrument?


Sorry I didn’t get around to searching before, I thought it existed and I believe this is the exact Tool you want.


I thought I had remembered it being done by dBlue but he didn’t mentioned it, which made me doubt its existence, but the fact is my memory fails again and you have It-Alien to thank ;)

You make extra note and effect lanes within a pattern by clicking the little plus box at the right of the note lane. So you can fill it up with other notes :)

Also if you check your sample out in the sample editor you will see a string of alpha-numerical stuffs at the bottom of the screen gives you a better idea where to change your notes for variations in your sample. 0123456789ABCDEF