Farbrausch Releases The V2


There is a Phoneme-Converter in V2 installed. But there’s this list of lines, which V2 should say… I dunno, how to adress the lines and I dunno how to make variations in the tones…

If I get this done… :blink: :yeah:

hi all…
problem with renoise and V2 is that V2 does not record v2m correctly when I’m using automation of VST, choosing parametres of V2 and so on… when Renoise plays the track, the sound is changing, but V2 doesn’t record that…

Managed to get a little trance-like tune out of this awesome synth.

No fancy effects though cause the only thing I could get working was the volume control (90 7F) and instrument preset switching (92 00)… so this is all preset instruments. It’s pretty easy if you get the hang of it though, and it helps if you got an external keyboard (like my CS1X) hooked up as well.

Anyways, a really powerful synth in a really small package :D

Here’s the packed .exe player (16kb): http://bastage.student.utwente.nl/music/tinyplayer.rar

I currently don’t have the v2m and rns at hand.

the synth hasn’t been updated yet?

it’s a pain in the arse changing programs via midi CC commands.

and the speech synth is pretty easy …

i am about to make a 32k music entry, but can’t be arsed changing programs via commands ;)

Yep! It seems that recently has been updated to version 1.5.

I´m testing right now and it works much better, all the interface changes work and also we can change programs without using midi.

Sounds very good, but it only has 63 presets.

The only part i couldn´t get to sound it´s the speech synth. Anybody ?

By the way, what is the difference between the V2.dll and the V2 (single).dll ? both files seem equal to me.

  • Klez

The single can be used as a traditional VST instrument; that is, place one (Single) VST in each instrument slot and each instrument behaves as a separate V2 synth. This is great for working in Renoise, exept that there is no “Record” button on the V2 (Single) external panel*. The other VST, the V2 “regular”, is a multi-timbral MIDI VST instrument, meaning only ONE instance of it must be used, and each track must issue MIDI CC commands (to this sole instrument) to set track channels, patch changes, etc. When this is done, all the song data is routed through one instance of the plugin, and the V2’s “Record” button will work.

  • The record button inside the V2 “regular” panel saves the track data as a .v2m file, which can then (reportedly) be played using their C++ player software. This is a lot of work – if you only want to use the synth for making Renoise music, then use the (Single) instrument.

The speech synth is very tricky to use. I have had some luck programming it in Buzz after significant trial-and-error, but am still looking into the equivalent capability in Renoise. Buzz and Renoise have vastly different interfaces for MIDI CC events. There is an example vocal .xrns around here somewhere, but that was using the earlier version of the V2 (I think) and it doesn’t play quite right on the new version.

NEWSFLASH: “Apparently” Farbrausch had released a beta “BR404” VSTi synthesizer in December, although it has been very hush-hush about doing so. The author of the BR404, Benjamin »BeRo« Rosseaux, is claiming copyright of the code, however the code is DEFINITELY a fork of the V2 synth. (I checked in OllyDbg – once you get around the encryption, most of the code is a direct copy of the V2 engine!) Whether KB, the original author of the ViruzII synth knows of this is unknown… but if I were him, I’d be rather pissed off. (Also note, BeRo has been questioned before about his BeRoTracker project, which some were saying was a rip of ModPlug…)

In any case, if you want to check out the V2 synth with a bunch of (bloated) bells and whistles added to it, see: