The League Of Renoise Supatrackas

The League of Renoise Supatrackas***
used their ultimate powers to deliver a 100% native free .xrns Supamusic

Play it now (continuous playback of 14 tracks, total duration = 54.11mn) !

You want to DOWNLOAD for FREE the .XRNS songs ? Click HERE.

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Enjoy !

*** the true identity of those Supatrackas will be revealed at the end of this thread

Haha, nice! :lol:

No Reed Richards? ;)

He’ll appear in a next round, who knows.

Epic super heros!

And the winner is…

Mister Miracle !


I like does without super power yet with skill ;) Nice music ;)

Our secret identities have been revealed… NOOOOOOOOOO

Superheroes finally unmasked :

  1. TwoThreeZero
  2. Kmaxi
  3. Insanity
  4. Pheelit
  5. Ostrogoth
  6. DubKidFlash
  7. Dunks
  8. KURTZ
  9. Garfferen
  10. mxb
  11. The Bellows
  12. Djeroek
  13. Kin F
  14. John E Bolacha