Forum Changes/Abnormalities

Recently I’ve noticed these forums being a little weird, since around when the Mobile version was added I think.

When this board was installed after the hack attempt all standard links would open in the same window, so you would have to use Back to come back to the forum or use Ctrl+Click or similar. Now sometimes links open in a new window, sometimes they seem to open in the same one.

When clicking on the title of a thread using the View New Content button it used to automatically take you to first new post. Now this is taking me to the first post so I’m having to click the little symbol, which I didn’t have to do from that view.

Anybody else noticed strange things? Or is it something to do with this Linux Live distro, whereas I usually use WinXP?

OK this one isn’t always true. Difference in URL is an extra fromforumsearch1 in the title link and sometimes it does take me to the latest post, sometimes it doesn’t seem to. Maybe the little button sometimes doesn’t either…

I know the forum flags Edited posts as being new posts and this is not the cause of this happening in this case.

This thread for example, last posted in yesterday, has come to the New Posts a couple of times recently.

Says last posted in by It-Alien at 3:28PM today whereas it was over 24 hours ago.

It is possibly due to people voting in the Poll?

yeah i’ve noticed some of these things too, but figured it was my cache being emptied or something as i did a clean re-install of my system during the same time the forums got their update. had to re-read some threads that showed me the first post instead of the first new post as well.

edit: a search-problem as well, i believe. if i search for ‘B2’, i get ‘no results’. however, i was looking for this post, which clearly has the term ‘B2’ in it. i also tried advanced search, match any words in both titles and threads, and nothing. strange, no?

I think you can’t search for a term shorter than 3 characters. IIRC, this and most other forum I use, include the wildcard in this so you could search for B2 by using B2* ;)

wow, thanks, did not know that, and it works!