Forum R.I.P. Kaneel

As Kaneel has announced ( What Are Your Latest Endeavours? ), he has requested for his account termination.

If you read his plan, it looks like he is going to erase a lot of more stuff linked to his artist identity, so if you still didn’t grabbed stuff from him yet, i feel that the moment that you can’t anylonger is nearing. In other words, grab your chances while you still can…

From caterpillar to butterfly… Hope you reach the heights you are aiming for bro…

WTF? You can’t kill a meme :confused:

To be more clear:
He explicitly requested account termination in a PM. And he confirmed our explicit question if he was definately sure about this.

I hope for better times for him

(too bad his list does not include quit smoking by the way)

Rather rigorous and unstable sounding step, victim of perfectionism? Maybe not and we’ll see him back surely. Whatever change he is looking for, I hope he finds it or else come to peace with what is!

Let’s get Lili in here.

it’s ok, smoking is bad … except in france. :)

Anyway, I don’t know the guy but I’ve learned from his videos when I started using renoise.

Bonne route camarade, en te souhaitant des jours meilleurs !

i’d suggest not having inet at home instead of terminating accounts but this might be just as effective i guess.

good luck with your endeavors! (=


Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Respect Kaneel! We’ll be here if you ever decides to come back.

Wonder how long it’ll take until one gets “wiped out” of internet when trying?

wierd, wonder why he is deleting all his youtube vids… they are so much help to someone beginning renoise. I know from my own experience that his vids partly got me into renoise, wonder why he would delete all that great stuff? wish him the best anyway, thanks for all the help :D

Best of luck to you mr.baguette

Hah, same. :P


i wish kaneel a good way :)

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I held down the 3 key for the duration of my moment of silence thinking about you. Thanks for the great music. Be sure to let us know when there is more! Stay Pink

This sucks. Just take a hiatus, like I do all the time.

Lame lameness is utterly lame. I’ve got no respect for self-deprecating life moves like this.


Why honour his request for deletion?

Just say no, eat genitals, your account will live on like everyone elses.

Public drama, lame.