Free runing oscillators - Supersaw

I wanna to create supersaw instrument with free running oscillators.

I think about one way how it should be possible for now:
Having device with “sample start” and “sample end” where by note triggered lfo would always select different random value for “sample start”

Or is there any workaround? Thanks

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My first idea how to make it with R3.0. Something like this…
Creating a lot of SAW samples with different phases, assign overyone to different Fx chain with gainer.
And there will be one control chain with lfo triggered by a note (velocity tracker) which will reset lfo that will gain to randomly selected gain in some of fx chain and other will be muted. -> this *6 (six saw waves)

I know it is not free running oscillator but it can somehow simulate it, or not?

I didn’t give this too much thought, but could the chorus device simulate this behaviour?

Well this is damn complicated.

So you want the phase be restarted randomly to play
at least two of them on one note. What does it sound like?
Phasing at different speed? This should do the trick.

And with panning and detune this is called ‘unison supersaw’
or what?

A final stupid thought:
Does this work without causing clicks? I mean the samples are
already playing before the random device can un-mute one.

JP-8000 Picture


psst ;)/>
I am trying to replicate exactly this saw thanks to this “manual” (bachelor work).

And i dont think about phrases now. I just think how to make every “oscillator” having different phase when i press key.

I dont wanna use chorus for duplicating waveforms cause it cant be very well changed later. Look into the PDF for better understandanding.
I need stacked wavefiles (saw waves) with different pitches based on key tracker and phases that are random and i dont if is it possible with Renoise.
(Something like random mode looping mood of the sample that is restarted by key input would make it; or meta device with sample start and sample end :-)).

Another way is to use the random cycling option.
(!!) :rolleyes:

Do you already have the waveform?

Aah! Random cyclic!!! I think that will do the trick. Thank you!

Here is my first supersaw pseudojx8 instrument.
Anybody can upgrade it :slight_smile:

Problem is with chords cause multiple samples are played even if they are in mute groups :(
Does anybody know how to solve it? Open this instrument and play chords, it sounds like some broken analog :smiley:

Cool effort, thanks!

Chords seem fine here…

Nice sound when detuned a bit more! CPU usage is ridiculous, though, 30% of a i7 with four 2.2GHz cores playing 3 voices…

Thank you. Detuning and phases are not same as in jx8 but it is heavily inspired by it.
And about chordes - maybe they are fine, i am little confused right now to be fair…
And yeah, Renoise inst are very cpu heavy :(.

Playing here on a linux machine, I5 3ghz, 8gb ram mint 15 64bit mate 1.6:
CPU around 6-7%. (3 voices and change the macros during play)


Are the linux builds more optimized than win/osx?

I am on Linux as well :slight_smile: Elementary OS 32 bit.

I am using cpufreq performance mode

Here, someone else tried the same and it sounds pretty good:

Will look at it!

toimp: It is nice but random phase isnt here and final waveform looks much less JP8x than mine. So it is different supersaw :slight_smile:
I am happy that i’ve found my effort wasnt wasted :slight_smile: