Gain Scheme

Is there available any Renoise gain scheme document to check?

if i put -6db sample on the channel i’ll get -12db sample off render

it goes thru:

  • Instrument Settings - Sample Properties - Amplify = 0 db
  • Track DSPs - Volume = 0 db
  • Mixer - Master - Pre = 0 db (signal already -12 db)
  • Mixer - Master - Post = 0 db

At which point signal is attentuated?

All input that goes into the devicechain gets halfed, even before the pre gain is processed. This headroom was added to avoid that you have to lower the master volume all the time when playing back more than one channel (the usual scenario when composing a song).

So its:
Sample&VSTiPlayback ->Sample&VstiGain -> *0.5 Magic -> PreGain (first device in the chain) -> DSP Chain -> Post gain.

Then maybe slider Amplify @ Sample Properties (and vsti) should be set by default at -6dB ???
I think any magic here is unecessary and rather misleading.

I agree it’s a bit misleading!