Getting Impulse Tracker Shortcuts?

Hi! I’ve been using IT for years (also moved to Schism Tracker), done stuff with Ableton, and would like to try out using a tracker again. I have a questionl, I’ve been reading the forums, and there was someone who made keyboard IT shortcuts for Renoise, but I have no idea how to import them into Renoise.

Is there any1 here that could help, would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Open Renoise
Click help->show preferences folder
Close Renoise
Backup existing keybindings.xml file
Copy your new keybindings.xml file into the folder

Or… In Renoise, use the Edit->Preferences->Keys tool to make your changes.


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this is the link i found, there is a list of shortcuts there, can i just copy-paste over the file?

first of all, are you on windows or macOS? if you’re on macOS, i can share you my keybindings.
if on Windows, you need to set them up yourself.

and no, that’s not the tool. the tool is

i’ve sent you a private message. let’s work this out.