Glitch 2

(a773) #81

…and “The demo version … will periodically output some subtle background noise.”

(anansi) #82

I’m into it! :)

(Loolarge) #83

I noticed slight audible differences after rendering a sequence to sample, especially when using the gate - the chopping seemed off. Disabling auto-suspend seemed to get rid of it though.

(mSepsis) #84

well said, sir. renoise forums really need a downvote option for posts like what that twat left.

(mSepsis) #85

I’m not sure but I think atte’s post was an echo effect feature request :)

(vV) #86

They can simply run the 64-bit edition with the full license and use the 32-bit demo sandboxed… or vice versa :P

(a773) #87

Well, I just thought it would be great for a noise generator to periodically output noise in the demo version. That would really be annoing and everybody would be sooo forced to buy the full version :slight_smile:

(c-Row) #88

Finally found the time to download the demo at 10AM this morning. Bought the full version 30 minutes later. :walkman:

The only minor suggestion I could give is allowing the user to trigger effects by clicking on the effect button without having to place blocks in the sequencer while the song is playing to try out the different effects… or is this possible and I am missing something?

(Bad Mind) #89

this will definitely be my next purchase once i get some more funds in the paypal :)

(revo11) #90

It’s pretty awesome so far, what’s with the knob acceleration/sensitivity? I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but for me it’s like I move a few ticks and then wham - I’m at the other end. This is using a macbook pro touchpad.

(dblue) #91

One or two other people have also reported this very strange bug. I’m still looking into exactly what causes it.

It would be great to know more about your exact system specs and setup, like which exact version of OS X you’re using. It would also be great to know if this only affects the VST version, the AU, or both. Also, could you please test any other hosts you have, like Ableton Live, Reaper, Logic, etc., to see if the problem affects them as well?

(revo11) #92

Hmm, just tried it again and it’s not happening anymore. I’m using a 2011 MBP runing OSX 10.6.8. I tried it in Reaper with the VST and AU and didn’t get it in either of those. Maybe it’s a freak thing with my computer… strange.

( #93

Hello dblue, gr8 to see GLITCH back, with 2.4 support and x64 ;)/> I remember the first attempts and php version ;)/>

My suggestions:

  • MIDI learn feature for the KNOBS (for lazy bastards like me)
  • More Bits and Divisions… :)/> Yes, I know… scenes… :)/>

Is it possible to switch between scenes using MIDI SysEx/CC? I’m somehow stucked there… some automation is accessible from Cubase track parameters window, but I can’t find anything related to switching scenes, there.

(dblue) #94

You’re not the first to ask for it. I prefer to just let the host handle it, but, sure… I could consider adding something.

The more beats I allow, the more memory the plugin needs to create larger audio buffers for all the effects, so I didn’t want to make it too heavy in this regard. I think most people will be using 4 beats for a typical 4/4 pattern, but I allowed up to 8 as a nice compromise, and also to work with more interesting patterns like 5/4, 7/4, etc. Overall, I recommend that people use the available scenes and change between them as-needed. Think of it more like a drum machine where you are changing between several shorter patterns.

Not at the moment. The only way to change scenes is via MIDI notes. You should be able to create a MIDI track/clip in Cubase and then route it into Glitch in order to control it. In Renoise you would do this by creating an instrument with a Plugin FX Alias.

( #95

Just received my license, pleeeease, please, please, please, please… I’m old, lazy and using Cubase nowadays ;)

Totally understandable. I’m just bitching about this, because… I’m old, lazy and using Cubase nowadays ;)

I’ll try ;) Anyway, many thanks for G2.

(ReverendEntity) #96

Finally gave in to the voice in my head and bought it yesterday. Will let you know when I use it in a track.

(Sam) #97

Haven’t checked out the Renoise forums in ages, but now I am really glad that I did. I’ve got a new job now and can actually afford this. I’ve never paid for a plugin before (I only use free ones - no pirate me), but the feature set here is so impressive it seems to me you hardly need any other plugin besides this. Will have to learn more about using MIDI, though.

(Sam) #98

Bought it. Am liking it a lot so far.

(OutOfSpace) #99

[xml]Trick\Version | 1.2.1 | 1.3.05 | 2.0.2 |

Modulator | + | + | + |

Retrigger | + | + | + |

Shuffler | + | + | |

Reverser | + | + | + |

Crusher | + | + | |

Gater | + | + | + |

Flanger | + | | |

Stretcher | + | + | + |

TapeStop | | + | + |

Delay | | + | + |

Lofi | | | + |

Distortion | | | + |

Are there any plans to return “tricks” from previous versions?
This is question about “Shuffler”, “Crusher” and “Flanger”.

(dblue) #100

Nice table :]

Shuffler will eventually return in a new and improved form.

Crusher is now simply Lofi (although I may rename it back to Crusher).

Flanger will probably return in the form of some kind of combined Flanger/Chorus module.