Good Bye' Lili 357' ?

So taktik actually pulled the trigger and banned him ?

Permanent? Or the two week grace period that was previously mentioned?

First vV gave him 2 weeks
Taktik banned him afterwards

But as both of those were posted today he can’t of had a two week ban, just a warning of a two week ban. Which is why I wondered if it following vV’s warning or was permanent.

He may of been an irritating little soandso but I did personally find him quite funny at times, especially reading all the posts on his profile ;)

Not really bothered either way. Would be easy enough for him to reregister if he really wanted as well.


can’t tell.
Just found out about the posts on his profile; indeed it’s hilarious but tragic at the same time
And neither would I wanted him to be banned, but as it’s well known: high winds blow on high hills

i wish i had my own topic :angry:

You do Moss.

You have two Moss

i say good riddance.

+1 for the worlds smallest violin.

Maybe it was just a similar avatar at some point, did Lili 357 have a different user name before Lili 357?

Lili 356?

And before that one?


Den? :lol:


Wait… no… I’m not even in France, I’m on the other side of the world!

I guess he got what he was challenging the admins to do, so in that regard I don’t feel sorry for him. The admins where fair with how they dealt with the situation. It is good to have someone who will tell you bluntly what they feel without sugar coatings, but I feel like he was just looking for a fight, pushing buttons and was not honest in his words. I was getting the sense of: I have met people like this before, and most of this anger is through jealousy of others and their work. All talk and no action. He must be lonely.

I think he should be allowed to return if he is willing to change his attitude, everyone deserves a second chance, and hopefully he sees that the Renoise devs and admins are serious and really care about what we have going on here.

thanks team RENOISE

Gosh I leave the Internetz for a day and I miss all the fun…

That’s all nice and shows how well evolved humans can be if they take the effort, but can wise words change bad manners? I wonder.

NO Chance in hell. You know what he is like, we have read his rants, his bi-polar arguments etc. Read what he said about 90% of the people on here, go to his status page, in fact just read ONE comment and tell me ANYTHING he wrote was ever constructive or fostering the sense of progress and recognition in this renoise community.

Once a dog bites someone, it doesnt become a good dog after a hiding. Same with liliasshat.


I actually think that the community could benefit from someone honest and blunt. I, who browse the renoise song forums a lot would really appreciate if someone would give honest and straightforward critics to tracks. If the song is crap, then tell it is crap, if it needs some better mixing then say that, etc.

Unfortunately lili wasn’t that objective reviewer. He said some relatively good tracks to be total bullshit and some quite badly mixed and otherwise “broken” tracks to be amazing…

So yeah… He was mostly about picking a fight, which sucks cause that means I can’t really find any good things about him at all. :P