Hey Dblue

You should really collab with these guys and make a decent GUI. Like your glitch.

What do you feel is wrong with the RNS GUI? And please, no abstract terms like “it just sucks”, that’s no way of getting what you want.

While we’re on the subject:


Hello sagosen, grumpy bastard.

I cannot remember mentioning something was wrong with the gui?

dBblue’s glitch is slick. Like the knobs! without 5 layers of outlines and such. Renoise got all these details and strange icons… No offence. ( No it does not affect the actual tracking…)

I think the Renoise GUI is already kickass. I don’t think it’s necessary to have any Glitch-style knobs or other elements in Renoise, I think they would only get in the way. I think the existing sliders/buttons do their job quite perfectly. They don’t take up a lot of space, they already work well, etc, etc. I’m flattered that you think some Glitch elements should be in Renoise, but I don’t think I have much to offer which hasn’t already been handled successfully.

There are of course a few features which I’d love to see in Renoise, but they can be implemented using existing GUI functions.

You can at least replace the textures!

Off-topic: When I read the topic “Hey, dblue”, my mind was saying, “…don’t make it baaaad, take a saaaad sooooong, and make it beeetteeeerr…” ;) (Beatles - Hey Jude)

I Love both GUI’s

But while we’re on the topic

plz a MAC version (it must be the million’th time dBlue hears this) hahah , Just f**king with you dude , I just love your app. that is all sir !!!

yea I love that haha.
Thanks dBlue.
Just a fun idea for the kids :)

Well I mean, it was inevitable… the diameter of the tidbit was a tad bit morbid… and if I do say so myself, your toupee is slightly toxic!

Touché. :rolleyes:

On topic, I like both GUI’s too. As far as I see, more bright colours would spice up the GUI just fine. I dunno, removing the carefully placed icons would perhaps mess with a lot of peoples workflow…? Me, I’m a shortcut kinda guy myself, so I could definetly put more buttons in context menus to free up space, guess it’s just a matter of deciding which.

Not really a matter I have problems with at the moment anyway… But in relation, coloured patterns would be nice. As discussed some other place.

Knobs are f****ing interface travesties. They have no purpose in software. I’ll oppose knobs in Renoise til the day i die.

They do take up less space than sliders, but I’m with you there. Unless I’m mapping the virtual ones to actual knobs. Which I tend to do a lot.

the question is how a knob is used, if it’s that horrible “circular motion”-thingie I am about to scream. If its controlled horizontally or vertically then it’s not different from a slider, just looks different and takes up less space. so …

Yeah, but to my eyes, I can tell the value of a knob much better than a slider or a number. It just makes more sense to me.

If someone can think of an alternative to the knob AND the slider, please speak up!

A box that changes colour!

banner (0) morphing to the hulk (255).

Been through this before

To improve usability I propose that the sliders can be mapped to Stroker?

Z axis slider :P