Hot Renoise Screenshots Wanted

Do you have any particularly sweet-looking screenshots of Renoise in action? Or maybe a customised theme that you’d like to show off?

We need some gorgeous-looking shots from within Renoise to use for promo materials, and thought we’d ask if any of you would be interested in submitting some instead of just doing them ourselves.

Think along the lines of something that uniquely represents Renoise, like a close-up of the pattern editor, matrix, scopes, samples or any other Renoise-specific UI element.

If anyone’s interested in contributing, just post screens in this thread, and they might end up as part of official Renoise designs.


i’m interested. i’ll see what i can come up with!

my hottest pic :wink:


hihi xD

I was actually [looking]( view findpost p 145288) to post this, burnt in my retinas since july 2009.

^ nice, but i don’t think this picture is representive for what it normally looks like…

Pictures of a post-rock song I’m working on, probably one of the most complex things I’ve ever made and it’s not even close to being done. I’m tring to simulate an authentic lofi recording enviroment. Also, a lot of reverbs. It’s impossible to replay in realtime, even with Intel E8500 @ 3,8ghz, as the CPU usage meter might indicate…

I just also noticed everything is center-panned, that needs to be changed! :o

woow , you all seem to have some real big screen estate

A little more colours guys…
the matrix can be filled with some more extreme pastel tints.

hey 00.1, awsome theme. do you mind sharing it?

How about this?

(Renoise on three 30"-monitors)

Renoise Color Themes

Holy crap!

Good stuff people, keep em coming. Be creative! Still haven’t seen one that makes me go “wow, never thought of doing that”… ;)

to me, this looks spaceship and eye pleasing.

animated gifs in the theme would be great for this one.

Let’s play!