How Did You Come Up With Your Forum Username?

for example my username.

My last name is ‘de Vries’
but a former employer had such a bad writing that I always got my payments under the name ‘Dr Drips’.
probably some computer interpreted it this way :)

It’s the module of an electronic drumkit I own (roland td6)
Funny you had that typo, I’ve got the exact same thing at my work. People call me Jason in stead of Janson. (forgot the n?) Anyway, I’ve never had such a cool name so I can’t be arsed to say something about it :lol:

I was Dj Conner in PFD, the other guy was DJ Tanner.

Dj Conner was a kid in the TV sitcom Roseanne. Dj Tanner was a kid in the TV sitcom Full House.

BW is the moniker i took in around year 1999. It’s like NWA, where the meaning switches depending on the context.

Thusly, Conner_Bw, concatenated in a way to make a primary key when doing vanity searches. That is, there is only 1 out there.


my real name is ‘Roald’, and a long time ago, born from people misspelling my name (goddamn, how hard can it be, Ronald without the ‘n’!), i figured out the most far-fetched way to write my name would be rhowaldt. i started using that name online, and with the great advantage of nobody else using something remotely like that, i decided to keep it.

@td6d: my mother-in-law’s last name is ‘Janson’ :)

Where does she live? :o

Den Haag, Laan van Meerdervoort.

Hmm, no thats not family I know of… Would have been fun though :lol:

Near Kijkduin or near Wassenaar?

My characters are simply my initials.
It used to be LNO once (Lethal Noise Operator) but it became common on the C64 world to use your own initials as did i eventually.

oootini was the first email address i had. it’s kind of stuck as my internet moniker now. and i used to be a massive star wars nerd.

Near Kijkduin. i didn’t know the Laan van Meerdervoort ran all the way to Wassenaar… i knew it was long, but not that long?
checked it out on Google Maps, runs over into Javastraat… Wassenaar is even further from that point on, so it definitely does not go all the way there. good thing my memory still serves me right.

f+d+k, just my initials (sort of, f stands for my RL nickname).

Originally in the late 1990’s it was F·D·K, but for practical reasons I changed the middledots to + characters after a short while. My chat friends complained about the dots, because they weren’t able to send me private messages…

BTW you may also call me fdk or effdeekaa. ;)

My original name is Tasnádi Bence in hungarian. I grab the middle part (Tasnádi Bence), then reversed and merged it (nebidán). After that I changed the ‘á’ character with double ‘a’, which looks much more better (Nebidaan). So that is mine.

I used “Foo?” for ages - saw it graffitied somewhere and thought I’d put a question mark on it to make it a non-positing name. I don’t use it anymore and for the last 10 years all my music has been under mr_mark_dollin - I like the underscores and lack of capitalisation, makes the text more ‘system’ friendly. It’s also the name of my band account data, and I like the idea of using an ‘overly formal’ name to add a touch of nerdy mystic. Of course, lately everyone seems to be abbreviating it to MMD. I’d snap up MMD because it’s used by so many people for different things, so I’m trying out “MMD Music” for now, bit like “Roxy Music”.

I got a 14.4 modem some time in high school.

I had an IRQ conflict and couldn’t get it working for a few hours. When I finally did get it working I realized I couldn’t login to my first bbs without first making up a good username.

So I thought for about an hour or two and came up with Hektic. Not to waste those braincells any more than neccessary, I’ve kept that name for about 20 years, and also opened my company under that name. =)

Boringly, S.A.M are my initials, but as I discovered around about 4th grade they do form a real name. So I’ve stuck with it as a nick name and an online alias for 12 years or so. All my friends call me Sam.

Kickofighto is the superhero name I would have if I were one. My girlfriend came up with it when she was put on the spot. It stuck.

Robbie S is my artist name… if I ever become an artist that is.

I use it everywhere, so if you see a Robbie S somewhere else it’s probably most likely me. (Yes, I’m sure there are 231219873198 others who call themselves the same out there, but I’m the one and only.)

you’re kidding… you’re THE Robbie S? goddamnit man, you’re a regular celebrity! fuck Vsnares, we have Robbie S right here on the forums!

I got my name from some guy who recorded more than 80 shitty BM demo tapes in the last ten years, Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh
suffice to say I use a lot of names

great story, rofl