How do you play live?

Hi Guys,

I just need some information about performing live in Renoise.
Do you just change the arangement or do you play on an Midi-Piano?
Which plugins do you use?
Whats your way to do crossmixing between 2 Tracks?
And how do you avoid sound that is to loud?

Greetings, Pablo

I’ve not performed with Renoise but have looked into it. I would use it to combine track looping, pattern jumping, and some live input from assorted devices. The first tool I would think to use would be Duplex.

i don’t know if this tip is really useful because it’s seems very unique way of live setup, but u can try write to hitori tori on facebook or maybe youtube… he is preforming live with blasting breakcore sets for years now, with renoise and controllers and more i think

… just something I wrote while ago …

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You can use the tool DJ Tools - Crossfader; you can crossfade between two normal tracks or two send tracks.
If you have an Asio soundcard with at least two outputs, you can also prelisten the Mix.

I asked this question a while back

A looong time ago, I did some performances using 2 Amiga’s and a mixer. I loaded the tracks on the Amiga’s (obviously load on one while the other was playing) and mixed them with the mixer. I’d mess about with pattern back/forward and using mutes/unmutes. The cool thing about Protracker was that it had a hotkey to unmute all channels. Obviously Renoise has many more possibilities but hey, maybe it can give you some ideas. ;)

This is a pic of my live rig:
I Use the Akai MPK49 (one on the top) to control plugins.
I assigned the drum pads to one-shot sounds and effects like the repeater-device.
the faders are assigned to Glitch and Turnado.

The Korg Radias is my last Hardware Synth. but sometimes I use it to control a second plugin when needed.

On the Radias there is my Launchpad. I use this with the Duplex Tool to mute tracks and rearrange the patterns when desired.

I experimented with loading two instances of renoise so I could load the next song while playing, but it was a hassle. So now I just hope people will cheer and clap long enough between songs :)

Haha! Yes I also did that many years ago!
I found a pic of that to (2002) :)

So, on a related note:

“PT-1210 MK1 Amiga DJing software”

FTFA: “The software lets you pitch bend a MOD like if it was a turntable, allowing for tempo changes and beatmatching between two Amiga computers, much like the STJ software by gwEm works for the Atari ST with SNDH files (although that one only does tempo bending, not pitch+tempo).”

See also:

Hey,what doing other guy in the photo?)

Looks like sleeping but he is dancing :)

I use an Akai drumpad for triggering and a novation nocturn linked to vst’s (automap 2.0).

If setup right it kind of works the same as an mpc or ableton with a launchpad.
But I’ve only done this on one occasion because it takes much practice to get it right.
I rather use the time to produce new tracks. At gigs I normally use a pioneer dj setup.

Thinking of doing it again but this time I will only use it to trigger some vocals.

I haven’t tried a way of preserving the same MIDI control settings for a tool / for a song, across different songs loaded one after the other. If l recall, you must reprogram the MIDI controller for each new song. Argh. But l think it’s been said that using Hydra and saving its state (how? By saving it as a song template?) will let you preserve all your MIDI control settings. Feel free to correct me / expand on this.

I had a problem where I was working on a project on different machines. I was using a Renoise song to send MIDI to an animation to control scene changes. Different machines had different names for MIDI instruments, I was constantly having to reset them by hand on each machine.

I ended up writing a tool that would locate a Lua file based on the song name (as defined in the song comments). It then executed a known function. I only used it to set up MIDI instrument assignment but I imagine the same approach could be used to automatically load MIDI mappings.