How many Renoise users are there?

This is probably a rude question to ask, and I think I won’t get an answer…

To devs:

Just out of curiosity, how many Renoise users are there? Like, how many people have a license?

If you don’t want to say, I understand!

Was also wondering.

I don’t know myself (I can’t access such data), but since there have been enough users to mantain the project until now, I think there are quite more than just a few

I would guess a little more than quite more than just a few. But it could be even higher.

Thanks for this answer. I would absolutely bet on the number of users being somewhere in between. It’s definitely no more than three times the amount of stars in the sky at night, because that’s three times the amount of people on earth.

By my calculations there are exactly 42 people using Renoise at any given time.

Roughly as many as forum users. Hard to say how many “active” Renoise users we are in total, e.g. including people who only use the demo or warez or got it from a friend. Got no numbers here.

Renoise still is (and quite likely also will stay) an insiders’ tip, because we never claimed nor tried to be the easiest way to produce (dubstep) music.
It’s pretty special. Some love it, many are impressed to see it in action and to hear its results, but most simply don’t get it. Not necessary a bad thing ;)


I’m a Renoise user since 4 year, I think that it is one of the best and more enjoyable software for make music. The only think that miss (for my opinion) is some native synth like FM, ANALOG, DRAWBAR, ADDITIVE… just for make song without make sample and for automation purpose!
Thanks for this fantastic tracker!!!

549 have bought licenses. Of those 549, 367 have renewed their license at some point.

You may have already seen these but this makes a damn good fm synth:

I mean it’s not going to be like having 8 operators that you can arrange in any algorithm, but you can have 2 modulators for 1 carrier per voice and 8 voices. Unlike Resynth’s FM you can morph between different settings, which is basically a form of complex enveloping the FM amount. There’s a ton of neat things it can do. Sometimes you have to go in and set your loop to loop the last wave cycle if you want your sound to not be a one shot, but that’s easy enough to do. It’s also fun to play with ping pong.

For additive/drawbar, check out this:

It’s meant for pads, BUT, if you set bandwidth to 2 and growth to 0, you get pretty much what’d you expect.

For analog of course there’s Resynth. I personally don’t like what it does to the envelopes and prefer to use custom wave generator and make my own envelopes, but there’s some things than Resynth is quicker for.

edit: and I realize you can’t automate these tools but most of the things you would normally automate in a synth are DSP’s, so minus the FM automation capabilities you can accomplish almost everything with just tools.

trackers always had their life in shadows of the big players. earlier professional composers laughed about trackers, today they dont! a friend asked me several times to use ableton for sharing information and working on projects and i tried. i tried all the sequencers and wasnt happy with any of them – to use a warezed renoise is a kick in the face for developers that listen carefully to their community and try to give them what they want. iv never seen a company that does it like renoise devs do! renoise is not expensive and should be affordable for most ppl out there. so if you see a warezed renoise please tell the op´s there to delete it because of the given facts! i remember about warezgroups who said “because we are not millionaires”, but as said before…renoise is not expensive! i catch myself often looking at the backstage to see “whats new”, hehe - so lets hope there will be a 3.0 soon ;)/>

How you know ?

Imho Renoise is a tracker and a tracker was/is/will be always a ‘underdog’-thingy.

Me. I am all of the Renoise users. There are exactly me of us.

There are more than 8.000 Renoise board members so I guess more than 100 trilion paying users give or take a few.

In the latest copy of Computer Music there’s quite a big article about trackers. Some info on Renoise. Been subscribing for a little more than a year and i’ve seen quite a few articles about Renoise in there… So they’re putting it in the same league as the other DAWs.

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