How To Find Unused Key Commands?

Hello all,

I am a mac user/abuser and am experiencing the same problem reported here:

re: the f9 - f12 function keys.

I am aware of the ways to ‘fix’ this but I don’t want to get rid of the f9 mac commands, as they’re very useful. Also, I don’t have a function key on my external keyboard and when I use the function key on my laptop keyboard (which I can’t do regularly anyway as my setup does not allow) this just toggles between different mac functions.

Anyhoo, to cut an already too long a story short, is there a way/how do you find unused renoise key commands? I would like to set some other keys to do what f9 - f12 would be doing but I don’t want to override existing commands.

Muchos Gracias :)

(p.s., almost been a week and finally getting the feel for trackers; not so scary and alien after all).

there is no easy way to popup unused keycombinations. You could hit the “Print” button in the key-tab preferences, which pops up a webbrowser and displays a printable keyshortcut page and on there seek the combination you want to program, but you can also simply enter the combination and then Renoise will tell you if that keycombo is already assigned and to which function.