How To Play Random Samples Under Instrument?


Could someone please help me with this:

Let’s say i have snare as an instrument on Renoise. Because i don’t want this snare to sound too generic, there are 10 slightly different samples added under this instrument.

So, is there any way to play this instrument with one keyboard hit, so that Renoise would play always one of these 10 samples in random order? I don’t want to use Sample keyzones for this, because i don’t want to map these 10 samples strightly for their own keys.

Is there any handy way to do this? Thanks!

the thing you are talking about is popularly referred to as ‘round robin sample selection’. we cannot do this (yet), and it has been suggested a couple of times before.

the only real alternative you have (that i know of) is to use the randomize notes tool. that way you can input the pattern and let the tool randomize it for you. you can find it here:

Hey, this helps me very much, thanks!

Actually it’s fine for me to do it this way, because till this day i did the sample randomize-part manually before final mixing. It took usually many hours, now i can do it with couple mouse clicks and that’s it. Cheers dude!

Can’t stop loving Renoise and all this awesome support network around it _o/

Other solutions might be a randomized automation or a LFO cascade on parameters.

yes, indeed. if you are looking for something like that, check this out:

also, here’s a thread just like yours, with some other advice in it, using the Epic Arpeggiator: