How To Record All Audio ?

Ok, I can’t figure out how to do this, have tried rearoute and rewire.

Anyway, I have a project in renoise with audio-input from an external synth which I’ve also put through some effects in renoise (filter).
Now how can I record the “master” channel with everything as I hear it in renoise ?

With both rewire and rearoute I only get the “internal” renoise stuff, not what comes off the synth.
I’ve tried both as master/slave with rewire.
Either I’m missing something, don’t get it or whatever.
But if you know how to set it up so that it works I’m all ears (eyes).

I’ve asked for this before but I would really like to be able to record the master channel straight off in renoise.…c=20923&hl=…c=20856&hl=

you might want to check these threads out.
duscussed many times before

I don’t think the first topic you posted is relevant to my question but the second is.
I know that it has been discussed before, even by me.
I was hoping someone had a solution using rewire or the functions in reaper.
But apparently not.

What is really strange to me is why renoise doesn’t have this functionality.
I understand why “Render” wouldn’t work, but a “live” record of the master channel seems to be an “easy” addition but I’m not a dev. so.

Rewire or rearoute it to Reaper
File/Save live output (Bounce)
Press play
Press stop when done


Tried rewire but I’m not at home at the moment.
That didn’t work. Because if reaper is master, then the audio in is gone from the line in device in renoise.
If renoise is master I can’t get renoise to push the sound to reaper, maybe I’m doing something wrong :slight_smile:

You will have to use Rearoute then by the sounds of things if you really need to use Renoises FX
Personally i would use Reapers mixer to mix in the external signals rather Renoises
The way you want to do it is pretty convoluted to be honest
If your still stuck then ask here and i will do a video or something because some of the routing will be complicated


Hehe, well if Renoise could record it’s own master track I wouldn’t even have to use another program :slight_smile:

Sure I can record the external gear through reaper but then it’s not one “file” I have to keep track on anymore.
Since you would need to save the project in reaper and then the one in renoise as well.
Will try rearoute tomorrow and see if that works or not, didn’t get it work the first time off but will check again.

Actually if you record all the tracks in Renoise to hard disk in reaper you will have it all as one file in reaper for mixing down
I know that may not be what you want but its a solution of sorts

Myself i have no issues with two project files but thats is just me i guess


I just remember when I played with cubase and reason together.
It worked while I was working in the projects but after a while I forgot how they where setup etc.
I guess it’s just a question discipline :)
At the same time I feel that it’s a fairly basic function to be able to record the master track, compared to the render function.
I mean, if Renoise can play all of it, input, effects etc. why not do a record while playing it ?

Maybe that is just me.

You can select a track from “Apply effects” in Renoise. which will apply the effects in that track to recording. It doesn’t record from that track, but it passes record stream through that track.

Yep, but then you’re talking about doing a recording of the external gear into a sample and then add it to renoise as an audio file ?
I’m not saying it’s not doable just as with the double project files using Reaper.
I just think it’s a shame that Renoise doesn’t have the feature to record it’s master track, seems such a simple thing.

Well actually it is simple if you want it that simple
You just run a recorder on the master as a vst
There are plenty of em out there ;)


Didn’t think about that, but it’s pretty obvious when you say it :blink:
Tried Tape-It (the free version) and that works :rolleyes: