Idea: Instr. Automation Learning Mode

Would this be scriptable?

vst synths are way to complicated to look for any thing like op17mod2lfo1lbr

Unlabelled parameters are a problem as well as plugins that have billions of parameters.

It would be cool if instead of looking for parameter through menu (some vsti have awfull lot of different parameters) you could set a slot in instrument automation device to “record” (like midi learn)


Yes, I believe it is scriptable.

UI wise any solution would probably require something in the lines of this: 1) push a hotkey, 2) move a slider in the vsti, 3) automatically opens a dialogue where you have to choose what “line” in “Instr. Automation” you want to map it to.

+1 for this, should be done for vst plugin effects to, alot of there names don’t match the labels on the gui.

I correct myself. I do not believe this is scriptable.

You would have to use observables to check what parameter is changing, and the risk is high that you have already mapped a parameter to an LFO, for instance, triggering this function. I e, I see no way to separate mouse input from automation input to a parameter with the current API.

You could perhaps go around this by making a dumb function that recognizes fairly well if a parameter is changed in another way than mouse input. It would be a bit ugly though.