Record Automation From Vst Editor

Is there some kind of work around in renoise so that you can record automation directly from the VST editor? Whilst I know that I can use the automation device, or use the renoise sliders for a VST effect, it would be nice if you could record directly from the VST GUI. The reason it would be useful is that some VSTs like Camelspace have parameters on the GUI that are not registered such as the X/Y controller and therefore do not show up in renoise for automating.


No, you can’t do that in Renoise… but you can record automation from Renoise’s XY Device.

yeah that is one way to achieve the same thanks.

I still would like to see automation directly from the VST Editor but I’m sure there is a valid reason why it’s not done.

Yes there is:If the VST doesn’t supply the option as a parameter, you won’t find any audio-host that offers you this option to go around it. A VST is only controllable through the parameters that it offers.

yes but in another host I would be able to hit record and move the VST internal X/Y controller that would then control 2 params. This would then output the automation of those values. In renoise’s case it seems to be impossible without using the above mentioned controller that renoise gives you. Why this is a issue to me is I’m developing a plugin that uses a similar system and in renoise it’s then impossible to debug.

You said the parameters are not registered, then say you can record the two parameters on other Host, which mean they have to be!

What is wrong with using an Automation Device, finding the two parameters of the XY control, then mapping Renoise’s XY Device to the two faders of the Automation Device?

Due to the number of controls on some VSTi, and every single one having to be listed in Automation in every single track as you can use Instruments where you like, Renoise is never likely to give direct access to the parameters of VSTi, instead going the route of you inserting a Meta Device where you would like to be able to control it from.

Well what happens is the the x/y controller is not registered as a parameter with the VST. You then have 2 selector controls that allow you to link the x and y to registered vst params. So what happens is when you change the x/y gui control from within the VST editor it is controlling those 2 registered params and therefore it then records it outputs the automation data for those params.

I suppose the workaround I could do is make the actual x and y of the controller registered params. I guess i’ll just forget it as most other daws it works just fine.

No he said, he uses the X/y device inside the VST plugin on another host and the parameters he controls with the X/y device then seem to broadcast the values back to the host so that the host automatically records these two automated parameters in the automation frame.
That might be possible to support if that works for every plugin. Though for me personally, i rather have that as an optional choice per plugin if that would be supported. Because that also asks CPU real-estate to constantly monitor plugin parameter for changes and it would drive me mad if i would be playing around with values while unawarely, values in my automation frame gets changed unwanted.

I would probably use this feature mainly to figure out very quick which parameter is actually attached to a DSP frame slider as some plugins really send some nasty encoded parameter names.

Here’s another option:

In a track

  • Double click Renoise XY Device
  • Double click Renoise Automation Device
  • In Automation Device, assign plugin’s X to first param, Y to second param
  • In XY Device, assign X to Automation Device param 1, Y to Automation Device param 2
  • MIDI map Renoise XY device.

Renoise = Rube Golberg Machine.

EDIT: Too slow to reply…

Been playing a little bit more. When in the GUI of my plug and I move my x/y controller I see in the automation device the the linked params move.

Thanks Connor_BW but that looks to me to be just using renoise’s own x/y controller? What I want to make sure my own X/Y one works (It seems to be now automating correctly in other daws so I’ll just leave it).

Still doesn’t change the fact, that due to Instrument not being tied to a single track, we are not going to see direct access to virtual synth parameters as Renoise would not know where to record them, whether they are normal sliders, XY pads or anything else you want to imagine.

So I take it the VST you are talking about has an XY control where you can assign the axis controls to whichever parameter you desire (within reason at least) so the issue is this may change which parameter it is when changing presets, or something similar? Not sure I can think of an easy workaround of this, apart from get the XY device itself to be registered as a controllable parameter which then links to the one which affects the sound, or visually work out what it is controlling on a change and manually map via aforementioned method.

this thread reminds me that I never have used Renoises xy-device! Will use it in a song tonight, thanks you :)

It would be good if the automation device had some kind a learn function. I’m trying to automate some controls in a Krakli synth but the developer has a habit of not bothering to label the controls properly so you get 50 of them all called “Knob” which is not very helpful.

I agree. It would be very nice to have a learn button in the VSTi editor to add a parameter to an automation device.

Not in the VSTi Editor (As Kazakore already said:Which track or VST instrument device should then listen to it?) , but a learn function on the VST Instrument device would be welcome.

Yeah obviously the button would be on the Automation Device but the idea stands.

Add Automation Device.
Select Instrument it is assigned to.
Hit Learn Mode.
Move a fader on Automation Device.
Click on a parameter on the VSTi interface.

  • Repeat last two steps until you have all the parameters you want to control assigned.

+1 for learn mode and -1 for vsti developers that don’t label parameters properly :drummer:

  • 1 learn mode is needed

By the way i have found a good workaround to solve in part the problem

Some vsti’s like Zebra have a midilearn function just by right click on the gui knob you want to control -->midilearn

now take an “Instr. MIDI Control” device, write the number of the cc control and just move the slider you just numbered

you can now rename the slider and use it in the automation window without the need of endless search in the instr Automation device…

Hope it helped someone



Workaround , insert midi cc device …assign the x,y from camelspace to the midi cc device , then assign the midi cc device parameters to renoise xy meta device .

Damn , just noticed entropia allready explained