Idea: Midi-Map Repeater Divisor Blocks


pressing ctrl+m doesn’t light up the divisor blocks in the new repeater device, would like to map the pads in my akai lpd8 controller to them and variate the repetition.

Could this please be implemented?


Seconded. My first thought after trying the repeater -which is awesome, by the way- was how cool it would be to use it with a midi controller.

Add an XY Pad, setup X-Axis to Repeater Divisor, Y-Axis to Repeater Mode, Dest Min: Dotted, Dest Max: Free. Now map X and Y axis to your midi controller.

nah, I want to map the divisor blocks to pads!

The XY Pad behaves then exactly like moving your mouse on the blocks area and can be mapped to pads. Maybe i have understood you wrong?

It would indeed be interesting to offer each grid cell as a unique MIDI mapping, so that each cell could easily be mapped to a button on a MIDI controller. The problem is that the grid really just behaves more like the X/Y pad, and provides a handy shortcut to control the 2 main parameters - Mode and Divisor - so the grid cells are technically not real buttons that can be mapped (yet).

Will try to figure something out here, but not making any promises :)

@ Beatslaughter : How do I map the lpd8 pads to different dot positions in the xy graph? Pressing ctrl+m doesn’t light up the graph.

@ dblue: Cool B)

Ah, i see, you mean the single cells, my bad then.

You might be able to hack it by assigning each pad to the same MIDI CC, and then restricting each pad’s min/max value to a range that maps to a particular setting for the Divisor parameter on the Repeater. But… yeah… this can be quite a pain in the ass to manage, depending on your particular MIDI controller and how it works.

+1 on the original post!

Alternative: How about giving each mode button a unique midi mapping instead? Then one could trigger the different repeating modes on/off with pads, and have the tempo/beats be controlled with divisor automation as it works now.

+1 on the original post, too.

The 1/2 1/4 1/8… buttons should be selectable and mappable in MIDI Learn Mode.

Interestingly, I’ve been playing around with the repeater device using a Launchpad. Not because I made some clever custom mapping, or even mapped anything at all - it’s the upcoming Duplex app, XYPad, that is proving to be surprisingly flexible when it’s being used on a grid controller. I’ll make a dedicated topic for it, so stay tuned.

Here it is, with a demo-song and everything :slight_smile:

Edit: it’s not the perfect way of doing this, but close enough for now?