[impl] Keep scopes/spectrum pane buttons always visible

Right now, there’s no way to use the spectrum pane while designing an instrument within a single window – the scopes/spectrum pane buttons disappear when you switch over to an instrument editor tab.

I propose keeping those buttons visible. If space concerns are the reason that the scopes/spectrum pane is disabled whilst on an instrument editor tab, then you could reduce the minimum scope/spectrum pane size AND/OR convert the instrument editor accordion into a set of tabs.

I see there could be a design issue here – the ‘pop out’ button replaces the scopes/spectrum pane buttons whilst on an instrument editor tab. I propose moving ‘pop out’ to over near the tabs themselves.

I’ve seen this feature request pop up in a few threads, one of which asked what the use case was. The use case which is immediately obvious to me is checking the spectrum as I’m building an instrument e.g. during Sample FX chain editing. It’s a very useful learning tool, helping users discover phenomena such as aliasing artefacts, additional harmonics created by distortion etc…

Agreed 100% ! It’s really important to view analyzer on tuning per-sample FX chains.

Yes this was one of those things I was thinking about too, when I couldn’t stop renoising and go to forum to post. Good thing you took the time or remembered. +1

Edit: also brough up in these topics

This will be hard to realize without wasting vertical space (keeping the according/tabs discussion out of this :slight_smile:
But, if we decided to compromise and make a miniature version it could still reveal a lot of useful info, I think

In this screenshot, I’m using the blank space after the tabs to fit a small spectrum (with a tooltip for showing the frequency and amplitude). Could be toggled to show a VU meter, or even nothing?

Yes, I really need the spectrum always visible…and for it to remember my scope/spectrum selection!

The ability to have two spectrums overlaid while fine tuning pitch and adjusting effects and levels is awesome in 2.8.

This feature has been removed in beta 3 with the vertical screen space used up with blank grey panes!! NOOO!
This is a huge downgrade for me. I will continue to use 2.8 while I hope the devs can take another look at the GUI.

The accordian style GUI wastes space. Please go back to tabs!

hm i dont htink that spec in that small place is usefull for anything…

totally useless use two monitor and you have enough space… :D

I propose this:

What about to use only the middle frame for the sampler/plugin/midi tabs?

Then the scopes/spectrum and dsps/automation are always available like in 2.8?

Perhaps as an option in the prefs?


I have made this just for fun.

I personally think that at some point renoise will get some UI re factor but its not topic for now.