Impulse Loader

I think an impulse response loader would be a useful addition to the renoise native FX.

There are a lot of free wav impulses floating around that you can use for convolution reverb, guitar amp emulation or any hardware fx etc.

I think it would be important to keep the settings as generic as possible and not just reverb oriented.

The most essential ones would be : Dry/Wet, Gain, Length.

Also it would be great if you could change impulses with previous/next buttons (which would load the previous/next file in the folder, in alphabetical (or other?) order) so you can browse through the different impulses while renoise is playing.

+1. Orion’s impulse reverb is really cool.

Would also use this if implemented well, could ditch another 3rd party plugin then.


It is always nice to have all the tools self contained in a program (beatslicer anyone? ;) ), but wasn’t there some copyright issue with using the convolution technology?


+1 for impulse response eq, compressors not only for impulse reverbs

What exactly is an “impulse response loader”? :huh:
EDIT: Or better: What is it good for?

technology used in:

I’d love to have a native convolution,
but if it was as simple as your example, I couldn’t ditch Reverberate.
I love being able to change the start and end points, reverse it, stretch it, and apply an amplitude envelope.
On the other hand, maybe a native effect could work in conjunction with the Renoise sample editor,
allowing those types of manipulations to still be performed.
Or maybe I’m just being silly.
Need another beer, excuse me…

+1. i think this is a pretty original idea for a new and very versatile device, which will add many new possibilities to Renoise.

Sounds somehow very complicated. But anything that would improve the native reverb in Renoise would be very welcome. So +1 :)

bet an ‘offline’, non-realtime version could be scripted as the (multiply & add) dsp code is not that difficult.

I dont think it should be that hard for the devs, the Cabinet Simulator device looks like it is already based on impulse technology. (Am I right?)

I don’t think it is a good idea. Convolution reverb plugins exist for every platform supported (including linux). I would be happier if instruments were polished and disk streaming implemented rather than convolution reverb.

does it really matter? what i mean is, this is simply a feature suggestion thread, concerning whether you would, someday, like to see this particular feature in Renoise. the issue of whether one feature is more important than the other is not present here. i agree with you, but i don’t think it is the right place for such concerns.

(also, the fact that a plugin for this feature exists is, imo, not very relevant with respect to this request. many people would rather use Renoise native effects instead of plugins, and you could probably give the ‘already a plugin for that’ argument for loads of other feature suggestions as well)

In most cases I prefer native DSP over plugins too. I disagree that it is not important which feature is more needed - it is this subforum where users express their needs and expectations. That is why I wrote my post.

i agree on it being an important and relevant discussion. i just think opening this discussion up in this particular thread would derail it, as the thread is about the possible use of a Impulse Loader. not ‘right now as the next new thing in Renoise’, but someday.
but i may be the only one who is feeling this way, and this post does not help the derailment, so i’ll stop here.

I’ve done a few weeks ago a rough convolution script, but with reverb-like longer impulses it is SLOW beyond usability…