Instrument Parameter Control

Is it possible somehow to control/automate the instrument parameters (filter cutoff, LFO, ADSR, …) like you can control DSP chain effect parameters recently got posted, and that wasn’t the first request on that either. did you do a forum search before posting?

anyway, you got your answer there, since it is in the ideas/suggestions forum - it is currently not possible. i think making this possible is part of the idea for a rewrite of the .xrni instrument format, which, as you may imagine, might take some time, but would also (possibly) come to include things like fx per sample and more nifty things.

edit: read here also:

Sorry I missed that. Wasn’t sure what to search for, I only skimmed documents and forum posts manually… Thanks for the info! would be great to see some of it implemented sometime. Could replace some software and hardware synths then.

it’s no problem. next time you have a question or request, try to get a feel for how likely it would be anyone else asked/suggested it before, or how likely it is that it would be covered in the documentation (, then do a forum search on the thread title you have in mind, and maybe some alternatives. if you can’t find anything relevant (and don’t worry, no-one is excepting you to read all 20+ pages of search results you get), make a post. if you’re unsure your question/request is new, just say you weren’t able to find anything about it on the forums or in the docs.