Larynx Beats

Here is my next Renoise Competition Concept! :huh:
You must enter a tune, using ONLY your voice, or body parts as a sample.
You can sing, fart, slap your willy against a microphone :blink: , swallow a mic and record your belly :panic: , whatever…
Only REVERB and DELAY are allowed. Sounds must be clean and easily recognisable as they are. :walkman:
This will probably be unappealing to those of you with shit inbuilt mics. IT SHOULDN’T BE.
:angry: Don’t be so easily put off…“a workman never blames his tools”.
I’d like to say don’t use too many E numbers, although i understand it can be used as a time stretching function. But i don’t really want to be hearing glitch-fart-core.
THE THEME IS A HAPPY BREAK-UP :huh: You’ve just been dumped, but your actually quite happy that you didnt have to do it yourself, and you can come out as the nice guy. :)


Winners will get 2 POSTERs…quite a large one of SQUAREPUSHERS ULTRAVISITOR album…you know, the one with his face on the front, and the other of BOARDS OF CANADA-CAMPFIRE HEADPHASE (although it has a tiny little burn on it) the pale blue blurred figure one.

Kizzume, i want to hear your vocal strings on this! :yeah:

EDIT: XRNS files aren’t compulsory, but would be nice. If they ARE provided, please name your samples what they is. namsaying.

Okay. So it has to be VERY apparent that it was done by one’s voice/bodyparts/whatever.

Do the reverb and delay have to be native or can we use things like MDA dubdelay, or GVerb/Ariesverb…etc…


wanted to do this ever since I heard this one as a kid:


Yes, otherwise it kind of defeats the point if you can’t make it out. So no heavy distortion or LOFIMAT. Make a distorted sound yourself and fiddle with EQs/Filters to make it settle.
As for reverb and delay, they should be NATIVE…i didn’t add in the initial thread, but i’l want to XRNS files too.
sick :)

Great idea! Already did some recordings :D

this compo is so odd that I could even take part to it :)

Hi !
It looks quite interesting but…

What is it ? It is also a song from NO-FX but… :huh:

Incomprehensible… thanks to my english skill :unsure: (Help)

So we CAN use EQ, filters…? How about compression and maximizer?
Oh, and I can understand you want the XRNS… but the files are gonna be HUGE!
Mine’s already 40mb…

I’ve got a blush slapping my face :D

Shit dawg! I was actually going to make a track this way ANYWAYS. I’m SO in!

Yeh, use compression and maximizer, my only issue is whether the sounds will retain their analogue timbre…namsaying?
I’m gonna say you’re probably right BB…in that case, i’ll say it’s not compulsory to have an XRNS file…
Would be nice though.

Solion, I’m not sure how to phrase it differently. I’m not looking for a song with NOFX in mind.
<_< <— your girlfriend… :) <-------you

eeeeey, this sounds interesting … it’s times like these i’d like to know how to beatbox :huh:

so sounds from the body … fair enough. i’m hooking up my gear and givin it a go. but first off i’m gonna roll up a spliff and pop 3-4 xanax to get in the mood where seemingly good ideas pop into my head :rolleyes:

Your gilfriend left you <_< , but you have a Moss comp. song to do and it makes you happy :)

Umm… mixing your recorded samples, Can I?

but just make sure you can still tell its you who’s created the sound and that you’ve used your body.

Ill try to join, but I dont have a really good mic. :(
What I wanted to ask, whats ‘Lyranx’? It sounds like all those names Richard James gives to his songs… I never got that :P

Its the part of your throat that makes sound.
:o <------

EDIT: Larynx*

Alright, maybe I should have googled :blush:

It seems noones entering at the moment.
I thought i’d get a tune in as an example of what’s expected…
If your wondering what you can and can’t do, reference this and see if i’ve done it…or sumthing.
This was done on my built in mic, so no excuses.
Larynx Beats
Botb’s right, my XRNS file is 34MB big, way too much to bother uploading…

I really enjoyed that example tune. more please :) :dribble: