Line In Device And Realtime Rendering

LIne in device are good thing right.

But iWant to use 6 Lineindevice or less, and record in realtime, not to the instruments in renoise,
where i render the song to my disk in multitrack way.
Why not possible to use linein devices in realtime rendering to do this.
or maybe a different way to recorde, like other host LineInREC in the tracks itself.


Don’t think they’ll rush this in during beta.

In my opinion this would be such a poor approximation of multi-track recording that it wouldn’t even be worth implementing. Renoise is a sample and/or VST-based music composition tool, not a direct-to-disk multi-track recorder.

If you want such an ability,
You could check out REAPER. It is about the same price as Renoise and provides all of the major features you would expect in more expensive DAWs, including true multi-track recording and arranging. It is also excellent for creating and processing samples that you can then import into Renoise.

Yeah I also suggest, for your purposes, using a multitrack daw like reaper (although i hate reaper and there are better choices out there for a tad more money) and using renoise as a slave to it. I personally just use renoise for everything, unless im laying a live guitar track down, then id mix it together in something like Live or Cubase.

It is possible, simply select “Realtime” render mode and you can render external output along the song with the Line-in devices.
The line-in devices has to be toggled off and on after the each rendering attempt though as they are being shut down completely.

Or do you mean you also want to hear at least one reference track because you want to record an instrument live played?
I could add a +1 for that idea but it depends whether this is possible when you are using heavy plugins.
In that case prerender and dub afterwards is still the better solution. The current solution is provided so that you can record your midi driven external devices along with the song. (You don’t need reference audio for timing those)

I did suggest an Arm button and couple of other features that would make this easily possible.

Maybe also an option for Realtime render to hear the output as it renders would help. Currently am I right in thinking that Renoise’s own output is silent even in Realtime?

i use trackers in the last 20years now, so i dont want reaper or any cubase style stuff.

Renoise is a multirtrack recorder too , it can export track in multitrack way, not a big deal to implement such a modification.
i know i work close to coders and programmers …

but thank you your ideas

I added a line-in device to 3 tracks in Renoise, all linked to the same audio source (my microphone). I added unique DSP effects to each track. Then I rendered the song in Realtime mode, with the option enabled to export each track to its own .wav file. This worked normally for me and produced 3 .wav file recordings of my microphone, each with the unique DSP effects applied to them.

Does this not work for you?

Did you expect something different?

Does it work differently on your system?

Can you provide some more information about your exact set-up and/or song, so that we can understand it a bit more clearly?

Didn’t even know this was possible :) , but can you also specify different inputs, so you can have microphone on one track and guitar etc on another?