Live Mode For Mixer

OK, i dont think this has been talked about…
How about a new feature for the mixer, that allows you to drag n drop tracks/ samples into each track, change tempo etc, sync- whatever, so that you could trigger them individually and “MIX” them.
Adding FX and playing around “LIVE”
Bloody hell, it would make my life ALOT more simple! :walkman:

So basically you want to turn Renoise into Ableton Live?

Renoise has that already, it’s called pattern editor…

ok, I use ableton live, I simply want to create a better live interface, renoise has a mixer why not expand?

the patern editor is for editing paterns, not mixing and triggering songs live, or have I missed something?

Yeah, I’m definitely a supporter of expanding and improving Renoise with new features when it makes sense to do so. This idea of yours just seems like a pretty drastic change. It wouldn’t simply be a new “feature” of the mixer - you’re talking about a pretty big change/addition to the entire core functionality of Renoise.

It’s just my opinion but I think the main purpose of Renoise will always be focused on song creation, not on DJ-style functionality that can be found in applications like Ableton Live.

On the other hand, there has been some interesting discussions here in the past about “pattern instruments”, ie. triggering a whole pattern of notes/tracks/etc. from one note, having a kind of mini-sequencer contained within the instrument itself. This is an idea that I think could potentially be extremely powerful and useful. Not quite the same thing as your idea of triggering entire songs in the style of Live, though.


IMO the mixer is already good for live use, one thing that would be awsome for live use is some way to link several sliders to one midi knob:…c=12611&hl=

To make Renoise a capable loop remixer I’d rather see some expanded functionality in the sampler, like midi assignable loop points.

But the main thing to make Renoise more live friendly is better pattern sequence/launch control. I’d like to see something similar to the “clips view” in Ableton:…743&st=210#…c=11879&hl=

Edit: Oh yeah, the pattern instrument idea is very interesting too.

intresting point dblue, evolution could take renoise anywhare, music creation is subjective, playing music live by mixing existing tracks, to me is just a different type of creation, weve gone from sound track desighn to where we are now, and my idea seems logical to me, but thats because i play live.
The mixer is a new feature, and it would benefit from being able to mix whatever sound/song-whatever you want when you want, in my opinion. :lol:


yea, ive seen that, but its not at all what im getting at! thats not anything like a mixer with track selection!! :lol:

To be able to midi-learn all the controls in Renoise would be teh awesome for live dribbling. I’d like to have a template for my Behringer BCD controller, being able to twist a rotary and control any input range.

Right, ive just thought, would an idea such as this not also be handy for putting together an album? you could mix your tracks together and get them ready to put onto cd or whatever, renoise does not have this already does it?