Live Shenanigans!

Ok, first off damn you Vv for directing me to Cubase in that pre-2.5 hype thread :) …nah really this new release has got all the Live functionality I was/am lusting for! Big thank you again Team Renoise…

Now for my question, and maybe I’m overlooking things or it simply isn’t implemented…but:

I thought it was now possible to trigger different ‘tracks’ in the matrix, live through midi. For example by mapping tracks to different keyboard keys. Am I right this isn’t possible?

With this feature you could, on the fly, mix different tracks by holding ‘chords’ on the keyboard. At the moment mapping a matrix track to midi just mutes the track.



You can map the mute modes of each track in the matrix…
Playing each track natively, not without some complex multi-mapping to one key options, but that should also be possible (muting more tracks at the same time) -> requires the “allow mapping the same note/cc more than once” checkbox to be checked.

vV, I think you misunderstand my post or I misunderstand you completely:

So, what I was thinking about is that the song is stopped -> not scrolling, but by pressing a key linked to a track in the matrix, you could trigger that track.

If you mean asynchronous playback of individual tracks - triggering each one at the moment the key is pressed - no, this is currently not possible. All tracks are synchronized in time, with the fundamental concept still being pattern-based.

You cannot trigger the tracks to “play”. You can only trigger the mute mode.
If you inspect the Midi mappable list, you will notice what options it offers in the Global Mappings -> Seq. muting.
(Click the arrow left of the “Available & Active Mappings”)

@ Danoise: Ok, clear :)

Mapping keys to patterns is cool enough for me in the meantime!

Edit: we do agree that this would make a great feature in the future? :)

looks into crystal ball

Instrument patterns?

Like this?. Have a mode that stops the timeline but allows looping of tracks like Live. When selected it puts a start icon. The first one will loop one track only, the second will play 8,10,11,12 etc
You would probably want it to handle single shot tracks as well as looping.

hell yes!

Looks like an arranger function somehow…

This would be the ultimate killer feature for me to be honest
MIDI triggering of clips is what i am all about with Renoise and this level of control it would just be game over ahahaha


something like that would be a ableton live killer,almost like the session view :w00t:

Yeah i’m starting to think that this pattern matrix could get updates that make me use it
I don’t see much use for it for me personally at the minute


THIS. this is EXACTLY what im looking for. then i wouldn’t need to mess with live at all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement this in the near future! i’ll do anything!

that being said, 2.5 beta is IMMENSE. so much good stuff in it already, i’m very impressed guys. keep up the good work, you’ve got a customer for life :)

That would be awsome!

+1 (definitely)
sounds awesome!


Holy guacamole!

Matrix is useful for (live) arranging, moving stuff around, duplicating or trying out transitions. I bet the future enhancements will make it rule even harder, though did you check this thread with the listed shortcuts?…mp;#entry178037

Pretty smart already :)

i’m finding the pattern matrix really speeds up structuring a song in renoise-
if you tend to use rewire and another daw to perform this task then maybe the pattern matrix is not so useful…
thanks again for this release- its wicked!