Load Multiple Instances Of Renoise To Mix Between Tracks

I use Renoise to play live with my band and it’s annoying that for every song I have to load a new file. I know I could append more than one song in the same file, but I’d like to try with two instances of Renoise and try to mix the passage between two songs.

Anyway, I tried opening two Renoises on a Windows 7 laptop. This works, but gives me an error about the busy sound device. So it actually doesn’t work. I’ve just tried with the laptop soundcard and the windows drivers.

Any suggestion?

DirectSound/Windows driver should be able to mix sources together and I can run multiple through the same output with WinXP SP3. No experience of Win7 though.

ASIO can only be accessed by a single program per channel, so Renoise will need to be set to Limit To Stereo and then have a free (virtual) output pair for each instance. EG I can run four instances of Renoise using ASIO on mt Echo Indigo IOx, which only has one stereo output but has a 4x stereo software mixer allowing each instance of Renoise to grab the next available channels.

Well, you’re right. Next time I tried I didn’t have this problem. Anyway, sometimes (need to figure out when/why) it gives me an error about the device busy and that there will be no sound, but still it works. I still have to test this with an external soundcard.

Anyway, the other problem is that it seems I cannot use a midi device on both Renoise. Do I need some program that let me do this?

Apart from that, you would like a low latency while playing your hardware.
I got the same problem with loading songs, now using SSD to speed things up but it would be cool to seamlessly blend some sounds instead of total silence between songs.

It’s discussed here:

and here:

You could try a virtual midicable (Like Copperlan) to do output routing to a virtual midi out and use that as midi in on one of your three remaining MIDI master devices in the midi preferences panel.

Well, with multiple Renoise open it should be possible. See this for example: http://www.renoise.com/indepth/renoise-news/artist-indepth-hitori-tori-talks-renoise-live-tricks/

He’s talking about 7 instances at the same time.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Yes, but my soundcard doesn’t support that, and I need the tight latency of ASIO.
ASIO4ALL is not as stable as my ua-101 drivers.