So, I was working my way through a load of tracks I made a few years back, and it made me realise how tedious it is to load in a track everytime if you are just skimming it.

I thought a good idea would to be to have some kind of playlist, so that a load of .xrns files could be lined up, and played without having to load the next song each time.

Any thoughts?

Export the tracks to wav and create a playlist in Winamp :)

I think it has been discussed before,
But then as a player only.

Also, since people make use of VST, etc. it would only be interesting to play your own songs.
Hence the loading time of each song.

It certainly will be nice to have, but it’s not on fire.
You only need that if you’re not sure on whether to load the track or not, because almost everyone use VST’s in their tracks, and since sample based tracking is more and more becoming outdated - XRNS isn’t a good old 200 kb MOD anymore.
Just recalling my own experience - in digital photography a .RAW is like a .XRNS and .JPG is like a .WAV - I think only once or twice I was like: “Damn, I wish I had a .RAW viewer!!!”. :D

would be useful in a live setting as well. was mentioned here briefly.

I don’t know how far this guy is with his work.
til renoise 1.9 there was something like that.

end no, 2 instances is no option for me. ASIO won’t let me, and directx is no option due to latency.