Loading Dsp Chains From Right Click?

I love the ability to save DSP chains by right clicking the track.

However, it would be nice to actually be able to load them from the same place. So if you right click, Load DSP Chain -> should have a tree menu that is propagated from the file system structure.

Something like:

Load DSP Chain > Drums  
 My Chain 1  
 My Chain 2  
 Synth leads  

A dialog box can pop up saying Do you want to replace/append/cancel

And perhaps saving of DSP chains can be handled in the same way.


personally i would not use this, but my first thought was: is it scriptable?

already exists?>

err, edit, didn’t read properly! :slight_smile:

but maybe these scripts can be modified to work with chains?

Oh cool! Thanks for the heads up :wink: