New Tool (3.0): Vsti From Menu

Perhaps something like the Cubase vst loader?
It goes - Dir > Subdir > Plugin name (not filename). -Edit: this way you can sort your plugins yourself, manually (by the way you install them, eg. /compressors;/eq)

As someone already mentioned before, a way to compose your own list of favorite plugins, in a manner of a “plugin database editor” would be great. but way over the top I guess.

Thanks, by the way. :)

2.7 beta update added:


[b]Note: suggestions for preferences/ favourites for this tool have been worked on, though I am encountering some crashes in renoise.

Hopefully will get to the bottom of this but it may take a while.[/b]

  1. In the mixer context menu, the “Filter” doesn’t show up here. I wonder why? I haven’t checked if any other native dsp is affected.

  2. It would be neat if it would display the hidden/beta/outdated dsps, like shaper, in a sub menu. Wouldn’t it?

Can you also show ‘#Receive’ & ‘#Send’ FXs ?
Also +1 for folder structure

  1. thanks, will take a look.

  2. these will not be available via Lua shortly (possibly since the latest betas). That is why they are left out.

Will take a look at this also, thanks for pointing out.

+1 Great idea :)

Could we also get DSP Chains support, perhaps allow to read the folder structure off the DSP Chains folder?

I made a mention about this here.

bribes with beer :)

this handy tool should be in the renoise-tools page! thanks for this

Just a couple of things to straighten out first, but it will get there eventually. :)

Glad it`s useful!

How can i update this tool for 2.8?

Check if you need to change any .plugin_name to plugin_path and then update the API version in the manifest to 3
The rest you can check in this topic (It is in the scripting related forums, i now also have pinned it for easier finding):

Though, currently you now also can call a favorite plugin directly from the context menu now with a native function.

Nice! Thanks!

when will this be available for 2.8?

Can`t give an exact date but will be updating tools soon.

cool would love to have this one back too. :)

Please see top of first post:

Let me know how it works for you/ any probs.

Up on tools site, no changes from most recent file:

This should be fixed as of v0.71:

I’ve just installed this and I get this error on installing:

The tool does run and lists my VSTs correctly, but as has already been mentioned earlier my AUs are listed as random strings of numbers.

The error pops up again if I close and restart Renoise. I’m on a Mac, 10.6.8, running Renoise 2.8 (64 bit version).


Thanks will take a look.

Here is a new revision:

Attachment 3405 not found.

Please could you check how the AUs are now. I have no way to confirm this is fixed as am on windows only. I have used updated API calls to get the names now so this could be fixed.