Loop crossfade

(herodotas) #1

Can we have more controlable loop crossfade (like in Soundforge or Ableton live Sampler) in R3?

List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(herodotas) #2

Maybe is not important to mass, but very important to me, and is’t difficult, I think. Please do it!

(migloJE) #3

+++ for realtime crossfade loops and ability to control various loop parameters with multiple lfo’s… will make posibility to do granular synthesis, stretching sound with lfos, etc…

(Cas) #4

I think it’s time for Renoise to actually start splitting the Sampler Instrument up into different kinds of samplers, all powerful in their own way. (wavetable synth, granular/timestretch, drumsampler, …)

(migloJE) #5

SOme concept here too

(emre_k) #6


this would be a great great addition. ableton’s sampler absolutely rocks in these areas.

also obviously the ability to modulate/offset sample start and loop length. and an option to link sample start to loop start. yeah basically the ableton sampler :P/>

(fladd) #7

I don’t know how often I have suggested this already, but lately at least here and here.
Let’s hope we are heard at some point…