Main tabs move

I think it will be give a more space for pattern editor on small screens

And another little idea to move tabs

yes i hate that tiny NO readabel VU

Yes! This is way better!


I think it will be more useful to move scopes/spectra from top to vertical folder too. Like this (sorry for dirty drawing). This way - all main tabs will place on left edge.

I like the look - very clean. But - there are also a couple of problems with the design

(1) The sampler does not have a lower panel, so you would experience that the sampler tabs would move up and down vertically, depending on whether you had highlighted the patt.editor / mixer, or one of the sample tabs. I guess the solution would be to place the tabs at the bottom left corner, so not on right above the lower panel?

(2) Changing the main toolbar would not leave enough room on small screens for a compact instrument list (drop-down).
This drop-down is needed when you work with a fully expanded pattern editor.

Remember that they both double as a way to show/hide the panel, and not just acting as a toggle?
(you would loose the ability to show a specific panel with a single click)

(1) Yeah, it’s tricky :slight_smile: i will try to solve it tomorrow
(2) there is enough room (in main control line) to instrument selector i think (in expanded pattern editor mode)

Is it really needed? Before you wrote this, i dont think in this way of use theese buttons. In my opinion there one button (like disk browser) for show/hide panel, and another one selector (scope/spectra or automation/fx chain). Just for me - i use keyboard shortcuts to top (osc/spect) and bottom (fx/automation) panes.

That is a goddamned beautiful skin. Is that a stock skin or a custom?

Did you mean “theme” ? It’s my custom

Is it possible to make osc/spectra (and fx/automa) button behavior like automation recording in pattern/envelope switch button? In other words - just one button with 2 states instead of 2 buttons.

+1 for a switch between scope/spectra, it’s weird to have to press one shortcut for scope and a different one for spectra.
Altough i’m not sure it’s more practical when it comes to button as i use a lot of shortcut, a shortcut for switching between scope/spectra and DSP/automation will be welcome.

Of course, +1000 for some labels on VU meters.