Make Launchpad Matrix light up when using Keyzones

First things first: I don’t actually use a Launchpad. But my device is part of the same family and works the same way. I think most people would be interested in a solution for the Launchpad, so I decided to choose this as a title.

I use an Akai APC Key 25, which has a 8x5 matrix similar to the Launchpad. I can map samples of an Instrument I want to use via Keyzones onto said matrix, but the buttons don’t light up at all.

  1. It would be nice to see which of the keys is mapped to a sample and even better to see which sample is playing currently. Is there a way to do that?

(I am aware of Duplex. The buttons are being lit up using it. That’s probably the reason why I still have hope to make it work somehow. But afaik Duplex doesn’t natively support triggering samples, so I am stuck using the Keyzones of an instrument.)

  1. Is there a way to schedule the triggered samples so that they will always be on time regardless of human inaccuracy (like Ableton does)?

THIS is what I was looking for: