midi assign section markers?

is there a way to assign a section marker, not a pattern, in the pattern matrix with midi?
right now when i bring up the midi mapping window i get this:

as you can see everything highlighted is midi assignable, except for the “section” markers (the “first thing” area for example).

i would like to be able to control/assign the section markers to a pad/button,
this way i can just select that entire “section” to loop with a midi controller.

i can however merge patterns into a single pattern, and just assign midi to the pattern, but my music is kinda hectic.
the way i compose is crazy, and my patterns are really long, so merging them would just make it even messier.

i’ve searched around the forums a bit, but no luck.

any help would be awesome. thanks!

Perhaps you might be able to do something with the tool Kazakore whipped up in this thread:
Though, i don’t know what you seek that Grid Pie or Duplex can’t do for you here in this case.

hey vV
thanks so much for the info!
i checked out the video on Gridpie, though i know there alot of things you can do with it it seems to me like it’s just not possible to do.

i also saw a Duplex video Duplex - Launchpad setup,
and it seems like he is triggering patterns with the Launchpad.
you can even see on the vid above the guy using the mouse to select multiple patterns so the song would loop with those selected patterns

it would be much easier to group those patterns into a section and trigger that section with midi
now, you can group them into sections, but the sections are not midi assignable like the patterns
and that’s what i’m looking for

when i perform live, most of the time when a song is playing i loop different parts (for example intro, verse, etc)
so i have to select those multiple patterns with my mouse or trackpad, which is kind of a pain since everything else i control with my Midifighter and Livid Code

thanks again but i guess i’m still looking for the answer

Can’t remember if I’ve added Loop Section yet but I have both Queue and Play Section 1-8 in this tool at least, with both MIDI Mapping and keybindings available.

Yes, I was an advocate of this feature too, during the last Renoise alpha/beta testing round.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for the feature to make it into 2.8.

Now Kazakore has prototyped these features, and we could even make it useful with visual feedback and all via Duplex.
This would make it more interesting as e.g. a MIDI pedal switch for guitarists

Danoise, that’s exactly why i would use this function
i play live guitar over my tracks, so i’m constantly having to reach over to my computer to loop the next section of patterns
which it’s tough to do when you’re in “the middle of it” yknow
i ordered a SoftStep so i can control my tracks and play guitar with ease, all i would need is that function and i’m set
sometimes i don’t even bother, and play some of my guitar stuff with nothing else
i’ll link a video below to one of my performances in which i just play guitat with out the sequenced drums i made for it
it still sounds cool, but the drums really add some crazy goodness to it

Kazakore, i’ll check out what you’ve made
i’m not so code Lua savvy but i’ll give it a shot
if it has a Loop Section then i’m ready to rock

and thanks guys!