Need Help With Midi Mapping Bcf2000

Hello everybody,

I have a question.
Just bought the M-audio fast track ultra and connected some midi cables between the fast track and my behringer bcf2000. Configured the BCF2000 as Standalone mode 4 (S-4, so it is not connected via USb now, but we go for pure midi control).

My plan is:
I want to control all the individual volume sliders of my mixer view in renoise on my bcf2000, but if I change the volume sliders in the renoise mix view with my mouse, my faders on my BCF2000 must move along (they are motorized). If this works then i really can program everything so that I have sick hardware control over renoise on my desk.

But I am encountering the next problem:
when assigning a DSP Midi-CC-Device and map my BCF2000 slider to the CC No.1 in the DSP, I can control my slider on the BCF in renoise and vice versa. brilliant and fun with LFO device’s, but the problem is I can’t double map this same CC signal to the volume bar in the renoise mix overview because it is already used! :(

please help me out! This will create a sick combination between renoise and BCF! :w00t:

I dont think the mixer in renoise gives feedback (midi data).

If this is the case… Ive not tried it but a possible (bad) workaround would be to create a template song with a ‘gainer’ dsp device on each track.
You can then map each tracks gainer to your BCFs sliders.

Ta Daaaa ! !

I understand what you mean jonnyz, and i used that setup before.
But, if all tracks are attached to a gainer, and I change the value with my mouse in renoise, the sliders on my BCF2000 will do nothing, and if I move them, there will be a step in volume understand?

Attaching the Midi-CC-Device to your BCF sliders, AND to a gainer will solve this problem, as you can change the volume by just changing your MIDI-CC-Device value’s or use your BCF Faders, they will be realtime!

Ok again:

Fast Track Ultra midi out & midi in to BCF2000.
BCF2000 configured to standalone, so not connected to usb.
at Instrument Settings at Midi Properties: Device Fast Track Ultra Channel 01, Duration 1ms.
On Track 1 add a DSP *MIDI-CC-Device, linked instrument: 00 MIDI (Cha1 Prog 0) (The fast track connection to the BCF), Configure your Fader parameters in BCF and link to the 8 channels in the MIDI CC Device.
Map the 8 sliders in the MIDI CC Device to your 8 BCF faders.

now when changinge the values in the sliders in the MIDI CC Device your BCF2000 sliders move along and vice versa. If you can link the volume bars, or a gainer on every channel to your BCF2000 sliders also, you have live volume outputs of all your BCF2000 tracks editable at any time (and, if connected to the volume bars, live envelope on every channel). Or am I wrong? …

I tried everything…can 2.0 please support double midi mapping?
I mean…this option can really expand the External control possibility’s for every single user!

btw, if this isn’t possible with midi data, is it difficult to program a “DSP link” to connect selected DSP Sliders to each other?

Feedback is requested, check:…mp;#entry127962

Yeah menn… i forgot to mention the midi controller in the chain… Rubbish aren’t i :)

party at my place if this feature’s on ;)