MIDI: Internal MIDI routing between instruments

If you have some sort of virtual midi cable, you can send out midi from an instrument and bringing it back in to another instrument, or multiple! And then you can use each instrument’s global transpose/scale and phrases to make BALLS CRAZY SHIT intricate, multi-instrument patterns that can be triggered on a single key press and follow both the pitch of the key and each instrument’s scale. Awesome. Epic awesome.

So why not put internal MIDI routing into the MIDI in/out lists?

i guess theres a simple answer for that…they cant. i believe that the coding skills are not there or the framework doesnt allow it. im no programmer, but this feature is a most wanted. the reason why this isnt supported since years must lead to the conclusion i told. theres a solution for this as you can use plogue bidule to make those routings in renoise. look at the following link to find more information about this:

Plogue Bidule Automation

“They can’t,” is a statement limited to constraints imposed by the hardware or the operating system. The coding skills? That’s silly. The team’s plenty talented and could pretty quickly learn to do something if they want to. The Renoise framework? That may be so currently, but it underwent a huge overhaul for R3, so it’s pretty obvious that Renoise’s capabilities are carved in stone. This is a feature that’s definitely possible, and your conclusion is poorly drawn. Just because a feature has been requested but not implemented does not mean it’s impossible. If it’s not implemented, it’s because:

a ) They haven’t thought about it.
b ) They don’t want to implement it for one reason or another (doesn’t fit workflow, huge overhead, can be achieved in other ways).
c ) They don’t want to implement it yet, because they’d rather put efforts elsewhere.

Maybe I’m being a bit pedantic, but this is a little akin to saying, “I can’t buy a castle.” You can buy a castle. You may have to save for a dozen years (which you might not see as being worth it), but you can certainly buy a castle.

I already have a virtual MIDI cable solution, and have thus already been playing with this. (It’s awesome.) Bidule’s pretty cool, but far more than I need for a simple task. Thanks, though.

well, im not here to find reasons why something very important isnt yet implemented in renoise. i really shouldnt have to try that! focusing on less important features like it happened now just make me thinking :huh:

I wan’t to know too , why is there no internal midi routing .
Been asking for years !!!
Are the developers to blind to see what this could mean for renoise …+ modular approach .
It would be a huge winner and attrakt more people ,those that are not just interested in samples /souped up instrument design.

same here

Yeah that’s just not possible, they have explicitly confirmed this is one of the most requested feature. Actually, you can find loads of complaints about the lack of this feature dating back to 2007, that’s 7 years so your “not yet” is more likely “never, ever”.

Good for you finding the workarounds super but believe me when I say you’re in minority here. I don’t even understand your defensive attitude here.

I’m really disappointed, but not supporting all the inspiring tools such as catanya, cthulhu, tonespace, thesys and all arps and chordtools out there is pretty much carved in stoned now. Just about every daw can do this basic functionality, but renoise noooo…

People still seem to overlook that the Renoise team is very small compared to the amount of people that work on the bigger DAW’s.
You have every right to be disappointed, i personally was some myself about this very option but for me it doesn’t mean that the world ends and i am no longer capable of producing anymore.

If i desperately need something and there are workarounds for, my personal approach is simply try to use them, at least i don’t let the lack of something stop me from trying to get it done the other way around, which does not automatically mean i consider the workaround the best option, neither might it be for Whark but it is always better than having no options at all.
People can make the choice to use a workaround or to just simly keep complaining about the lack of something native. The latter for sure won’t get anyone any further.

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