Midi Plugins, Modifying "what Being Played"

Is there such a thing as midi plugins?

I imagine a plugin that would play a random note from a bunch of held chords or do an arpeggio of held chords. So something to go between the notes in the patten and the input of the instrument assigned to the track. If so, where should I look and where can I read about how to use them in renoise?

ChordSpace is one such plug-in: http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1945.html

There are also lots of others in the KvR plug-in database (TinyURL’ed because the forum is murdering this weird link)

Unfortunately, Renoise does not yet fully support these types of plug-ins, so I don’t think their output will actually trigger anything within Renoise.

There may be workarounds that are possible by using tools such as MIDI Yoke, but I don’t really have any experience there myself.

Check this list, copy complete link to browser:


Thanks for the hints. It seems it might be possible. Dblue mentioned that they might not be useable in renoise, however, anyone had any success with this (before I spend the rest of the day trying out stuff)?

I’m not sure if it matters (besides shutting me out of most of the possibilities), but I’m running linux.

I downloaded zweeger, but didn’t even manage to find it it renoise :frowning: Any recommendations from linux users having success with any such plugin would be great!

The current situation is like this:

You → Playing notes on your…
MIDI Controller (or PC Keyboard) → Which sends MIDI note data to…
Renoise → Which sends the MIDI data to…
A MIDI VST plug-in → Which transforms the MIDI data somehow and sends it back to…
Renoise → Which simply ignores it, because it does not currently process MIDI data generated by plug-ins…

… and that’s where it fails.

So, a few things need to change before this will work. Renoise needs to process the MIDI data generated by the plug-in as if it were normal data that came directly from your real MIDI controller.

Here are a few other threads for reference, where people discuss various tricks and workarounds: (there are many, many more threads if you search)

Thanks for the heads up and the links. I’m reading … and waiting for this to happen in renoise :P

Yep the only thing that’s missing is midi routing …

use energyXT, console or bidule as modular vst wrappers.
and i think somewhere on gersic.com is the last freeware version of phrazor (alternative).

Could the MIDI processing happen before it enters Renoise? Maybe this is not possible unless you are running JACK.

I’m using linux, so I guess those options are not available to me :frowning:

Hmmm. I’m not talking about modifying incomming MIDI. I’d like to be able to send the notes recorded in the patterns through a MIDI modifying “something” before it gets to the sample player (I rarely use VSTi, so I’m talking about renoises sampler)…

Or did I misunderstand you?

MIDI out -> (jack) -> pd -> (jack)-> renoise again ?