MIDI routing for arpeggiator VSTs in Rns 3?

Hi, I remember a while back asking if it was possible to use Catanya arpeggiator in Renoise 2.8, and being told it wasn’t possible within Renoise alone due to the fact it didn’t have MIDI routing (or something like that). Has this been fixed in 3.0? I wanted to try out Cthulhu (though what a stupid name to choose):


Not possible (yet?).

It’s still not possible to route MIDI output from such plugins. Sorry.

We do understand the demand for such a feature, though. This is clearly something that needs to addressed eventually.

Thanks for the replies, I understand it’s possible to somehow use EnergyXT (or maybe other programs) as well as Renoise, to somehow route the MIDI out and then back into Renoise, so that the arpeggiators work?
A built in arpeggiator (not a tool, but part of Renoise) which accepted any MIDI file (like Hypersonic 2 does) as well as having hundreds of patterns built in, would be really nice.

How does the new phrase editor differ from an arpeggiator, looks much more flexible to me?

look here: shortcut to useful infos!

It can achieve most of what Cthulhu can do, except you need to input your own chords… Although that and other functionality could probably be implemented in a tool ;)

The diff is that the phrase approach is again very un-live. Which is alright, but many arpeggiators make it a lot of fun to discover patterns by simply hitting chords and pressing hold, then playing with options (see eg RPG8 in reason).

You can’t do microtonal schemes. You can do this with the pitch envelope ;)

when manually updating the tool’s manifest this works in 3;

Ahh yes, forgot about that one, i guess u can haz everything u desire :)