Mixing And Freeze


Recently I composed and mixed a new tune using Renoise only. And it was a great experience, instead of bouncing every track out to Logic. The only problem I have left is CPU usage. Even before I start mixing, the CPU load is quite heavy. Does anyone know a good way to freeze tracks, ie convert VSTi’s into audio. I know I can bounce out a channel, then trigger that sequence as a sample in the beginning of the song. But doesnt seem like the best way to do it… specially considering my songs are sometimes around 20 minutes.

Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome :)


This tool perhaps?


Well I’ll be damned.

Thanks mate, awesome :)

I wonder if there isn’t a VST which could do the freezing somehow like the Melodyne does?

Fxfreeze has been suggested many times in the past…

Wow! That sounds just amazing… for any DAW really. Did anyone try this out in Renoise? Would be very interesting to hear some feedback on this one.

Have not used it for some time. But it did (and probably still do) work flawless in renoise.
You can (full or partially) freeze single instruments, and/or tracks.
It can also unload instruments temporary to save RAM.
It’s a really versatile and useful tool.

A few tips and tricks and other options: