Modular Routing

Perhaps this is a very silly question.

Apart from trackers, I get a hardon from modular routing a la Buzz (or psycle, aodix, aero studio).
It is (I think) mentioned here, at the Renoise Mindmap, but I can’t find any discussion on it on the forum, so I’m not even sure if it’s on the to-do list.
If there is thread for it going on, please point the way.

Is there, then, a workaround by, say, using a particular VST, to get that kind of signal flow control?
I imagine this would include routing individual renoise tracks to an external program (VST?) that is able to then modularly route them.

currently renoise doesn’ t support internal midi routing …which is ( for me ) a major bugger …I want to use midi vsti’s inside renoise … sonicbytes era!!
( and ofcourse the lack of multiple out …midi and audio vsti wise)
But I know it will happen some day …soon …urh …or .later

EnergyXT work as both instrument and effect, and has the modular approach you’re looking for.

or plogue bidule

I’ve heard of people using EnergyXT to achieve sidechaining in Renoise… which means it can obviously span multiple channels in a single instance… can plogue do that too?

The KarmaFX synth is a free modular synth I’m going to mention, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with your request… … it just kicks ass.

It looks juicy!!.. but it says it’s shareware :\
Downloading the effect packs though – are they any good?

Then that’s pretty much the workaround I’ve been looking for. I read about EnergyXT on the forum here, but it seemed that ppl were using it for track freezing etc, instead of routing. That’s why I was unsure whether it was possible.

Bidule seems simpler, and more focused to what I had in mind. Has anyone used it?

How do I separate tracks from renoise into a VST?
Can someone explain a bit please?


…Bidule is dope too…oh and apparently Reaktor 6 is in the works…

How do I go about connecting Renoise outputs, please? Do I use something like rewire or what?

where did u get teh info bout “R6 in the works” ?

it seems NI today is not dat company dat i knew years ago for its innovative stuff. just releasing new traktors, kores and rigs nowadays…boring.

loadable as vst.

EDIT: “the Renoise Mindmap” is just a suggestion. it should be in no particular order. so i guess there has to be a voting again, right?!

i know a guy that knows people at NI and apparently he has heard something about it. not much, but apparently it’s not too far off.

i agree, NI hasn’t really been doing much innovative lately, a lot of support for Korepacks and different LE versions of Guitar Rig and stuff…

i have to admit i love Kore 2 though, one of my favourite tools in the studio. i just wish it worked with renoise…

it`s not working with Rns ???

i still can not understand the concept of KORE. ))))))

ya i started a few threads about it a while ago, no one seemed to get it:…c=15880&hl=…c=15882&hl=